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May 6, 2009 03:37 PM

Mesquite Flour

Does anyone know where I can find mesquite flour in the Bay area? Thanks!!

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  1. Call Rainbow Grocery, if anybody has it, they probably would.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      They do have it; I buy it there frequently. Its in the bulk section (but in the jars, not the large bins). Ask if you can't find it. They're the only ones I know who carry it.

      OP, what are you planning on using it for? I only know of one recipe that calls for it and I'd love to try some others.

    2. Thanks for the info about Rainbow Grocery. I plan to make mesquite chocolate chip cookies. If anyone out there have other recipes that use mesquite flour, I would love to have them.

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      1. re: razarnoff

        You can check out and do a search. This is a magazine specifically for those of us who are wheat/gluten-intolerant, and they did an article several months back on mesquite flour, with recipes.

        Also, if you google "using mesquite flour", you'll get quite a few listings.

      2. Hanging head sheepishly... What IS it? Regular ol' flour that's been "smoked" over mesquite? Or is it made out of wood? ;) adam

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