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May 6, 2009 03:30 PM

new gold nugget mpls

anyone been to the new Gold Nugget on Excelsior in Minnetonka yet?

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    1. re: dave43

      Well it recently reopened after a bout of Minnetonka urban blight closed it for a year or 2.

    2. It is bright and shiny and new. The old space was a funky divey bar with wood paneling and the new space is very pub-chic in the new development that took over the block. The guys who bought it from the Doug Carlson wanted to keep it friendly and burger centric, but have buffed up the menu and actually hired a chef. It was jam packed last friday night, burgers were good.

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      1. re: sporkgirl

        I like burger spots to be divesh. The best are...The Nook, Matt's, 5-8, etc...I hope the burgers make up for the ambience. Can anyone who has been there recently place them in the category above?

        1. re: dave43

          Hum. I agree that Matt's Bar is "diveish," in that it is a dark, windowless space in a not-particularly-great neighborhood, with decor and menu basically unchanged in forty years. On the other hand, the Nook and 5-8 Club don't share any of those characteristics. Not upscale? Sure. Casual blue-collar spots? You betcha. Dives? I don't think so.

      2. I ate there. It's upscale burgers (they offer up Kobe beef burgers ($12+) for example) and much more..What once was a classic cheap burger beer roadhouse oozing with history is now a modern upscale casual restaurant with a hostess and a legion of help. My just ok gold nugget burger with fries - (they hit you .75 for each thing you put on the burger and another .75 for putting a seasoned salt on the fries) was about $10. I noticed they had more spendy entrees like walleye for $24.....service is young friendly and pretty quick....I remember the old place had a cook that slung the I counted 10 chefs/cooks with chef attire in the open kitchen... A pitcher of good beer was $18

        3 people 3 burgers pitcher tax tip $60

        The Nook/Shamrocks/Matts/5-8 are better burgers cheaper beer and are classic neighborhood upscale dive hole-in-the-wall cheap burger beer joints....I say upscale dives in the sense that they aren't the kind of dives where you might find a gang planning a bank robbery huddled over shots and beers or where Uncle Frank gets snockered, pickled and plastered while contemplating his failures, squandered dreams, and being shorter of breath and one day closer to death before going home to the old ball and chain...No, they are dives for regular neighborhood folks, adventurous families, collegiates, hipsters and seekers of meaning through food and beer in a confusing post-modern world....Gold Nugget is sadly not of that ilk

        Makes sense that there are new owners - I was having a hard time believing the old crew had come up with this new's a tough environment to be opening any kind of restaurant today...I'll be interested to see how they do - if they get repeat business from the people that were expecting something resembling the old place and the old prices.

        ....that being said Glen Lake needed another eats and gathering place - .the bar could work for me...if they get some blues bands and a dance area for later at night I could see going there for beers and staggering home on foot... (:=D)

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        1. re: FrugalDanny

          Thanks for reporting Danny. It sounds like the gold nugget took the direction I feared it would. You summed up exactly how I feel about "dive" joints. I probably should have said neighborhood bars not to ruffle any feathers. $12 burgers and $18 pitchers of Beer...No Thanks. Too bad we lost out on the possibility of a good burger joint in the western suburbs.

          BTW...I like your analogy of gangsters and Uncle Frank

          1. re: FrugalDanny

            har har. :)

            what an entertaining writing style, Danny-- welcome to the msp boards!

            1. re: soupkitten

              thank you dave & kitten - I try to write about what I know based on real life experience but I can assure you that although I have passed through some pretty dim pretty depressing low-rent downscale dives I haven't yet felt the urge to hang in dim depressing low-rent downscale dives (;=D)