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May 6, 2009 03:18 PM

Where to buy Apple Wood Chips!?

Hey All,

Planning on smoking a pork butt, but I cant find applewood chips anywhere.

Any suggestions!?!

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  1. The Backyard Barbecue Store in Wilmette -- - has all kinds of wood including apple, cherry, maple just to name a few - both chips and chunk

    Backyard Barbecue Store
    1147 Greenleaf Ave, Wilmette, IL

    1. Bass Pro shops, Cabela's, I recall picking some up at Wal-Mart a few years back.

      1. I purchase apple wood (chunks, not chips) at Chicago Firewood. The address is 1300 N. Halsted, but they're actually in the back of that address. They also sell oak, hickory, cherry, etc. That's where I always go to get wood for my smoker. Here's a link to their website:

        If you absolutely need chips, you'll have to phone them to see if they can help.

        1. As mentioned, Chicago Firewood is a great bet for chunks, which are often better than chips. I have seen Apple chips, though, at Menard's, who also have had Cherry and Maple chips, and often have hickory and mesquite chunks.

          2601 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL

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            They often have this type of thing at Cost Plus Worldmarket, but cannot confirm.