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May 6, 2009 03:04 PM

Mother's Day Brunch places with elderly parents?

Hi All,

We (four of us) went to King Eddy's for Sunday brunch - food was excellent, service was poor. Plus with elderly parents, we didn't want somewhere too loud & crowded and King Eddy turned out to be just that. Oh well.

Need help about Mother's Day!

We had our mind set on Four Seasons Lobby Bar for High-tea (say around 2pm) .. but they were fully booked.

Can anyone else suggest places?

Someone told me Centro but I looked up their menu and weren't that excited.

Globe Bistro had a good pre-fix 4 course, but it's too much food for four people.



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  1. bodega on baldwin st. It's quaint and very senior and otherwise friendly. nice old mansion and a fab brunch.