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May 6, 2009 02:56 PM

Help me choose: Aroma Osteria or Il Cena'colo

We'd like a nice dinner out tomorrow for our anniversary, not too far out of the Newburgh area.

I'm interested in either Aroma Osteria in Wappingers or Il Cena'colo in Newburgh but have been to neither.

For those of you who have tried one or both, what are your thoughts? I know both are pricey. I'd like somewhere with a nice atmosphere for a romantic dinner.

Or, do you have any different recommendations?

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  1. I'd suggest Il Barilotto, the sister restaurant of Aroma Osteria, for more intimate dinner. Aroma tends to get really noisy due to its space and I find that the food at Il Barilotto is a little bit more refined than Aroma. I've never been to Il Cenacolo, sorry~

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      I second Il Bariloto. Great atmosphere for an anniversary. Il Cena'colo can be very good as well, but more so for regulars, unfortunately.