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May 6, 2009 02:42 PM

Lucky me.......time to kill in SF

I find myself in a very good situation.....5 days to kill in San Francisco. We have a car, so we can eat anywhere. Would really appreciate knowing your favorite places for lunch or dinner. It can be high end, it can be low end, as long as you like the place. I'm hungry for Italian, seafood, pasta, and everything else SF has to offer. Haven't eaten in SF in a long time, but area places I've enjoyed are Mustard's, Zazu in Santa Rosa, and Willi's in Healdsburg. THANKS in advance to you SF chowhounders .

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  1. SFO to locals means the airport and only the airport. You are still within the two hour edit window so you can make changes. Remove the "O" otherwise the only people who will read it are people who think you want tips for food around the airport.

    Start with this. It will have many of the standard suggestions you will get and more.

    Visitng SF. Eat like a local not a tourist.

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    1. From the title of your post, before I read it, I assumed you were looking for places to eat at SFO, that is, San Francisco International Airport, during a layover. Since you seem to be interested in a broader territory, you may wish to edit your post and title to indicate that. Otherwise it will be overlooked by those who make the same assumption I did.

      SFO refers to the airport. SF is the City of San Francisco, and SFBA is San Francisco Bay Area (nine counties including Napa and Sonoma, which you seemed to enjoy previously).

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        thank you for getting me straight....

      2. Wish I had 5 days to kill in SF and I live here! Take a drive North to Muir Woods or Stinson Beach or South to Santa Cruz on one of the days. Here are my favorite places lately. They're all jeans casual.

        Pals Take Away in Tonys market on 24th @ Hampshire (no tables). Walk 3 or 4 blocks West and eat your take out in front of Humphrey Slocombe ice cream before having dessert there. The flavors are really cool. Actually, I ate my killer sandwich from Pals while I walked to Humphrey"s but Humphrey"s has tables on the sidewalk.

        Nopalito at Oak & Broderick. Look up the number and call an hour in advance to shorten the wait time.

        Joes Cable Car on Mission near Silver-expensive for food on paper plates but if your into beef its worth it. I also enjoy Custom Burger on 7th near Folsom.

        Nosh your way through the Ferry Bldg (I love Boulettes Larder) and the gourmet food court at Westfield Shopping Center (Bloomingdales).

        My favorite Indian is Tasty Curry on 9th Ave @ Judah. You can walk there from the DeYoung or Science Academy.

        Grab a sausage roll at Rosamunde sausage on Haight near Fillmore and eat it next door at Toronado with a beer.

        Samovar Tea Lounge or Kasa on 18th in the Castro district.

        Liberty Cafe in Bernal Heights on Cortland for mid-range comfort food. The same goes for Bar Jules in Hayes Valley on Hayes. If you go to Hayes be sure to try the gingerbread cake or cupcakes at Miette around the corner.

        For something more dressy, Slanted Door at the Ferry Bldg, Michael Mina in the St Francis on Union Square, Absinthe on Hayes or Zuni on Market.

        Have a good time!

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          mlutsky.......THANKS for this, just what we need....what do you order at Nopalito ?

          1. re: pinotho

            thanks for asking! For beverages we had the Hibiscus-Blood Orange and the Almond Horchata, both very fresh and delicious. We shared the Totopos con Chile, loved it along with the free chickpeas. The vegetarian ordered the Huitlacoche Quesadilla and said it was amazing. She asked for hot sauce and the server brought her a habanero citrus salsa that was super hot and exciting to sample. I enjoyed the Pozole Rojo in a huge bowl. My husband had some problems with his carne asada, said it was incredible on his first bite and next thing I know he's talking to a manager saying he couldn't chew it. The manager insisted on bringing him another dish so he tried the Carnitas which he really liked. The server later told us that it was important to slice the steak across the grain, which made sense. I'm looking forward to returning here to try more original dishes.

        2. When I was in SF for business in December I ate with clients at Farallon ( and was so impressed that I returned the next night by myself to try more of their offerings. Great seafood and some really memorable, well executed flavour combinations.