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May 6, 2009 02:40 PM

Yummy Mutant Lobster in Hong Kong

Our family spent 10 days during Easter break in China and Hong Kong. Fears of dirty water and fried scorpions had us packing our suitcases with granola bars and beef jerky. I am happy to report that we never touched the snacks from home because we LOVED the food in China and Hong Kong. Super fresh shrimp and lobster that are pulled out of an onsite tank was the norm for every restaurant not just the high end ones. Lots of greens, as in broccoli sprouts, spinach, and chards are a delicious mainstay while eating out in China.

American style Chinese food is like qualifying Domino's Pizza as Italian food, REAL Chinese food is served in small portions similar to French portions, but boy do they make up for quantity with quality. Noodles of every kind are serve rather than rice, which I only saw once brought to the table for a young boy. The noodles are boiled in flavorful broths of duck, shellfish or pork. Yes, the fish is served with the head on but I'm sure the fish would be happy to see us all enjoying every last bit of his tasty body including his cheeks. Stuffed hot peppers, dim sum with delightful pork fillings, and savory soups satisfy even the heartiest appetites. Here are a few of our favorite spots in Hong Kong:

Lei Garden Restaurant upscale chain with several locations (photo of lobster)
Royal Park Chinese Restaurant (ShaTin) upscale fine dinning
Cafe de Coral great place to have lunch if you are in a hurry
Chinese upscale "food court" in New Town Plaza shopping mall OMG yummy galore!

Wish we could remember all the wonderful restaurants we ate in, but fear not, enjoy Hong Kong and China because they really treat Americans like family. If you saw the Olympics you will understand that China is a wealthy country and health and food standards are strictly enforced.

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  1. Great to see you enjoy the food in HK, looks like you know your way around HK to find good food. I once read a food blog in which the guy always just order Peking Duck and Gai Lan in almost every Michelin star chinese restaurant he visited, what a poor michelin star chaser.

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      Hay skylineR33! Talk about Gai Lan. Next time you go back to HK, give the 'Stirred fry Gai-Lan with ginger juice and cooking wine in Tan'g Court. Langham Hotel a try! Didn't realise a simple veggie dish can taste THAT good! Also, had the 'Stirred fry Gai-Lan with preserved Chinese meat and liver sausages' at John's B-B-Q last week. Perfectly cooked! The wok-hey was way better than Fantasy eatery or Tanchikee...etc.

      1. re: Charles Yu

        Hi Charles, I remember I had a great stirred fry Gai-Lan with ginger juice at Chu Kee (銖記) inside the 2nd floor hawker centre in Happy Valley. It is like $20 something, good wok hay and good value !