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May 6, 2009 02:05 PM

Roast Beef Sandwish at sit down restaurant in/near Boston?

I have a friend whose mom is coming to town for mother's day from NYC and all she wants is a roast beef sandwich. She is not your Kelly's kind of mom, and would prefer a sit-down restaurant where she could order a glass of wine or a mimosa. Any recs?

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  1. This recommendation is not (by any means) a fancy place - in fact, some would call it somewhat of a dive, and many others would avoid it for most everything on the menu. However, The Mt. Vernon Restaurant on the Somerville / Charlestown line at Sullivan Square has an excellent roast beef sandwich. They carve the beef at the bar on a slicer, toast the bun on a griddle and serve with your choice of cheese, mayo, bbq sauce alongside pickles and some chips. We love it! A regular Friday lunch spot. (BTW - you can also get their twin lobster special - not sure what they are going for now - but that is another thing the Vernon does right.) Enjoy!

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      How about the Roast beef sandwich at the Mt Vernon's Revere location? I've eaten there and probably wouldn't go back for a dinner but I'd try the Roast beef sandwhich if recomended

    2. I would call around. Mother's Day, much like other Hallmark holidays, leads to fixed price, brunches and "special" menus. This might be hard to find. Best of luck.

      1. I don't know if it will provide the atmosphere you seek, but I like the roast beef on weck at All-Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square quite a lot, and they do have wine.

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          I would also suggest the Stockyard in Brighton. Their Roast Beef (and, by extension, Roast Beef Sandwich) is excellent. Whenever I don't have the Teriyaki Steak there, I'll order the Roast Beef Sandwich or occaisonaly Prime Rib. It's a fun place. For the pure sandwich, I still think Skampa is better, although it is not a "sit-down" place although their are tables. And Mike's is fun, although there are literally no chairs in the place!

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            I think Stockyard is a great idea for a visiting mom who has her heart set on a RB sandwich and a drink. Nice one.

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              if she's adventurous she can try the roast beef wrapped in scallion pancake at Jo Jo Taipei. I think they have wine but not sure.

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              Is the original poster specifically looking for the local "famous" North Shore style RB sandwiches, just as sit down? Does it have to have BBQ sauce, etc? BTW, almost all Revere Beach bars allow you to bring in food, so its possible to do Kelly's (or the greek restaurant there) and have a drink or two with it, but its still not really a mothers day environment! Similarly if you ask first, Pug's on Cambridge street might let you bring Skampa in as they do not serve food at night, but not certain Skampa is open Sundays.

              (Lipoff the Ruben at the Stockyard is also worth the price of admission, but Sundays I think they are focusing on the buffet and are they serving the menu???) Artu does a similar RB panini at lunch time and I think Andros diner does one certain days of the week (they have some greek wines, although its a diner), but its closed Sunday. The Parker House and some other downtown restaurants also do lunch sandwiches with leftover prime rib (this does have BBQ sauce) probably Saturday only. Strip T's is a more generic sandwich place, not certain if they have the north shore fixin's and lunch only, but does have beer/wine and closed Sunday. Other options out there (open face steak sandwich at Atwood's which were on brunch menu last I looked, but of the actual "famous" style sandwich and sit down eating, your options are limited especially on Sunday.

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              I second the All Star Sandwich bar recommendation. Yummy.

            4. There's also the Parish Cafe on Boylston St.

              1. Doyle's in JP actually has a pretty good roast beef au jus. And yes, the roast beef sandwich at the Mount Vernon in Somerville isn't bad, either.