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May 6, 2009 01:54 PM

Traveling to Quebec City in May with my hubby and twin brothers (age 22), need help...

Hi Everyone,

This is our first trip to Quebec City and we need help! There will be four of us, me and my husband and two 22 year old boys. The goal of this trip is inexpensive, but fun and different. What chowish type places do you recommend for us to hit up for brunches, lunches and dinners?

We love all types of ethnic food, great burgers, etc. So nothing should be ruled out. The only real requirement is that it be good chow and fun. Some suggestions for unusual or quirky atmospheres would be helpful as well.

Finally, if we wanted a moderate priced restaurant for one nicer type dinner, but nothing over the top, where would you go? Should also be innovative and fun.

Thanks in advance!

As a side note - where do people recommend staying, upper or lower town?

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  1. there are so many excellent hotels but i read in newspaper last week there is special deal on right now at Chateau frontenac at a very reasonable price($159CAN if my memory serves me right but you have so many things nearby you dont have to bother with driving and parking), so call them for details and you cant beat that for location, and they have a livein dog for guests to enjoy! here are their concierge`s suggestions, i ate at the continental near hotel last year and food and service was very good but it was a large group hence fewer choices. Lots of crepe places nearby but many choices near hotel or in lower town easily accessible by staircase. Menus are posted which makes it easier to choose.

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        1. There are so many great places to eat at a budget. I live here. I would recommend that you don't come with a list of places to eat. Simply walk around the old city and look in the windows. All menu's are listed with prices. Will you have a rental car? Make sure you come to Ste-Anne de Beaupre basilica (Big and world famous church), nearby Mont-Ste-Anne, travel to Ile D'Orleans (Island in the middle of the St-Lawrence with terrific view of the city) drive around the island. Top of the water falls (Chutes Montmorency).

          There are great places to eat almost everywhere for a budget. Upper town and lower town.

          The hotel choice Chateau Frontenac certainly is the ONE to stay at, but is pricey. You can have a great stay at either the Hilton, the Loews (revolving restaurant on the top which is pretty good and not too pricey) and my favorite hotel for the money just outside the wall is it It's a great hotel with nice suites and atrium on the inside somewhat like an upscale Double Tree...

          There is also a Marriott Courtyard now in the old city, in case you have Marriott Points.

          Typical tastes in Quebec look for Poutine (fries with cheese curds), "tarte au sucre" (Maple syrup pie), Smoked Meat at Brynd's or Joes (yum). You'll love the food! Many restaurants in the city have greeters that will gladly explain the menu and the toay specials. Bon apetit!

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            I found that walking around was pretty wearing because there were so many unimaginative touristy places. Just my opinion... we had great advice from the staff in our hotel (The Chateau Bellevue, very near the Frontenac and small, inexpensive, friendly) and particularly enjoyed dinner L'Utopie and lunch at "Le Paris-Brest" (590, Grand-allée est).
            Some good threads on CH:
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          2. Chez Hubert in the old city is a fabulous B&B, and the price is right. There is a 5 course breakfast served, so you can skip lunch!


            Enjoy your stay, as it is a magical city.