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May 6, 2009 01:47 PM

Driving Trip-Cleveland,Detroit,Milwaukee,Pittsburg

We making a round trip business/pleasure drive to these cities and would appreciate suggestions where to find great regional chow,deli,etc.Thank you.

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  1. There have been many, many topics on this forum with plenty of recommendations in these cities (and metro areas) as well as on the roads between them. Your best bet is to search on (a) the names of the individual cities for food in each of them, (b) the abbreviations for these cities (CLE, DET, MKE, PIT) which are sometimes used in topic titles, and (c) the names of the interstates (I-80, I-94, etc) for recommendations along the way. Note that search requires you to spell the name of the city correctly (e.g. Pittsburgh) and also note that topics on Pittsburgh are in the Pennsylvania forum.

    1. Recent recos from our local food critic in Detroit for visitors to the basketball tournament downtown. Mostly solid picks, various price points.

      1. In Detroit try Slow's for BBQ. You should know that there is usually a wait. The food is delicious....the service has been known to be a little spotty. If you're going to be in/near Ann Arbor I would recommend Zingerman's Deli. Huge portions (go for the half size sandwich). I've never had anything I didn't like from Zingermans! If you're a sports fan (GO WINGS) check out Cheli's Chili for a fun bar meal (yes, the chili is very good). There's a location in Detroit and also in Dearborn. If you like Middle Eastern food there's pleanty of that in Dearborn as well.

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          What tdmort has said is true, *except* for the part about Cheli's Chili. It's a lousy place for food, that's for darned sure, and yes: that *includes* the namesake. Otherwise, yes: the recs they made are darned good ones.

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            I really don't think Cheli's is all that bad. I know that it gets terrible reviews. I normally get the sliders or nachos and they are decent. Like I said, if you're a sports fan and like the sports bar atmosphere, it's not bad.

            1. re: tdmort

              Well, if you're using a hyper-low standard like "sports bar", then it's actually difficult for *anything* to be considered lousy.

              I'll say this again: I think the world of Chris Chelios. I think his restaurants have pretty good locations. I think the restaurants themselves are pretty clean and comfortable. I THINK THAT THE FOOD AT CHELI'S CHILI IS ATROCIOUS, AND HAVE NEVER HAD GOOD FOOD THERE, NOR HAS ANYONE I'VE BEEN WITH, OR EVEN DIRECTLY SPOKEN TO.

              I can't *tell you* how much I'd love to see a sports bar that has great, quality food with its beverages, but I honestly can't think of one, and the food at Cheli's is actually worse than many I've been to.

        2. As a native michigander who has live in more states than I can count, I have to say that when in detroit, you absolutely CANNOT skip the lebanese's one thing that Detroit does EXCEPTIONALLY. While I'm not sure about downtown locations, I recommend many on the east side (St. Claire Shores, Clinton Township) and/or a trek to Dearborn which has the highest concentrations of arabs outside the Mid-east. I recommend trying chicken schwarma at any one of the many places in the area and I will provide rest. names/addresses if requested.

          1. Thanks to everyone for the initial comments. I will indeed continue my research as so directly suggested in the first response including proper spelling !! I look forward to receiving more advice on what/where to eat.

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              Do you have specific destinations within each area? "Detroit" covers a LOT of territory.