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May 6, 2009 01:29 PM

Best EARLY morning breakfast Seattle downtown/belltown

I'm staying tonight at the Westin in Downtown Seattle. Tomorrow morning I'll be walking from the Westin to my destination in Belltown (near the Sculpture Garden). I need to be there early - 6-6:30AM would be ideal, but I think that might rule out too many places that open a 6:00.

Can someone suggest good breakfasts between Westin Hotel and NW Belltown? As I'm on foot, I'd rather not go too far out of my way. So we're talking an area bounded by Olive to the south, Broad to the north, 5th to the east and Water to the west.

I know Lola's is open at 6:00. That is probably topping my list.

In a pinch (and to save time) I could order breakfast to my room. I'd prefer not, however, if anyone has experience with the quality of breakfast served at the Westin, I could weigh that into my decision.

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  1. It really depends on what you're looking for...the Hurricane cafe is sort of on your way, if you want a trip into Seattle grunge past...ahh memories of all-nighters at the Hurricane in college. :) I believe they are still open 24/7.

    If you want doughnuts, Top Pot is probably open then and is right on 5th under the monorail tracks a couple of blocks up from the Westin.

    At the other end of your journey, you might consider 6/7 at the Edgewater hotel down on the waterfront. They serve breakfast at 7am. I've never tried their breakfast, but I do enjoy their food at dinner.

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      Top Pot opens at 6.

      It won't win awards, but the Five Point Cafe is a Seattle institution open 24/7 (so you can go at 5 and be where you need to be at 6)

      Walk up 5th from the Westin to Denny, it's on a little paved plaza with a fountain. When you're done, walk southwest on Cedar (the street that bends North in front of the Five Point) and you're in Belltown 2 blocks Southeast of the sculpture park.

      1. re: terrier

        Thanks for the suggestions.

        I hadn't thought of Top Pot. Do they have anything other than doughnuts and pastries? I got suggestions from co-workers including Macrina Bakery on 1st, though they are limited to bakery items on weekdays (brunch on weekends).

        Also, if I'm consider choices around Hurricane and Five Point, a co-worker also suggested 13 Coins. The South Lake Union Street car should get me there, if it runs that early. I've been to 13 Coins late at night many times, but never for breakfast.

        I'm going to avoid the Edgewater. I've stayed there several nights over the past few weeks so I need something new.

    2. I always walk from the Westin to Pike Street Markets. Pork filled bun, a french pastry down the street, coffee from numerous places or hit Starbucks #1, nice walk back to hotel while enjoying the coffee. A little good morning walk and great eats.

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      1. re: duck833

        Le Panier doesn't open until 7. I bet the humbao stand opens even later.

        1. re: not the bad Steve

          Lowell's opens early, maybe 6?

          Oops, website says 7, but the Athenian opens at 6:30.

      2. Is Whym (in the old Minnie's space) still open?
        They do some pretty good stuff and used to be open 24 Hrs.

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        1. Loved Le Panier. Belle Epicurian is a nice little spot if you want a simple coffee and pastry. Food was wonderful.

          1. The Shanty across from the Scuplture Garden has a good breakfast. The place is 100 y.o., but if you aren't looking for new and sleek, this place could give you some good early a.m. grub.