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May 6, 2009 01:27 PM

who makes an extra wide chef's knife?

I'd like to check out an extra wide chef's knife but before I go hunting I thought I'd check in here.

- who, aside from wusthof makes these? how much wider are the wide chef's knives than the regular? I'm interested in an 8 inch version.

- does anyone have experience with the lamson sharp chef's knives, i thought i read online that their regular knives are extra wide. They certainly are nice looking knives, but i don't know much about them.


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  1. You already know about the Wusthofs, but I'll add that I recently got a Wusthof 10" wide chef's knife, and I'm very happy with it. I've used a Henckels 8" in one form or another for around 30 years, and then I picked up an older 10" Sabatier as part of a set several years ago. I liked the extra length of the Sabatier and the great carbon steel edge, but it was lighter than the Henckels 8", and I never quite felt comfortable with the light weight. The 10" Wide Wusthof is giving me everything I want. Yesterday I chopped four large onions with it and didn't even have time to cry before I was done.

    The Henckels 8" is wider than a Sabatier 8", but probably about the same as the regular Wusthof 8". Bridge Cookware used to offer their own wide 8" and 10" chef's knives made to their specs, but I just checked and they were out of stock.

    1. The Forschner stamped 8" chef's knife is at least as wide as the Wusthof Classic extra wide 8" chef's knife. Unfortunately I don't have mine handy to measure the actual width.

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        i think you're right, Miss Priss. Seems I've read somewhere that the forschner is too wide to fit in most blocks. Plus, it's an excellent knife at a reasonable price

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          Yes, the Forschner is a great buy! In fact, I like it better than my wide Wusthof. It's lighter (without being too light) and feels more responsive in my hand.

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          Forschner also makes a forged 8 in wide blade which I like (it just arrived a couple of weeks ago).

          It's heavy and so far seems to hold and edge well.

          You can get it online from for $53.95 plus shipping.

        3. I was just at Zabar's and noticed that they have an 8" wide chef's knife under their own brand, made in Solingen, looks a lot like Wusthof classic. The price wasn't marked.

          1. You might also consider a Chinese
            cleaver. made for use like a chef's
            knife, not an ax. I have a nice one from

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              I second this suggestion.. Chinese vegetable cleaver.. some have a slight curve on it similar to a chef's knife.

            2. There's a seller on eBay who goes by the name "harestew" who seems to have bought out a number of interesting items from Bridge recently, including some large tin lined copperware pieces that had been in stock and on sale for years, and those extra wide knives, and he has a 10" up for sale now for $200. Based on the prices for the copperware, and figuring that he probably did better than the sale price because he purchased a lot of beautiful but dead stock (like 75 qt. copper stockpots) right before Bridge is planning to relocate again, I suspect he's generally trying to sell these items for twice what he paid, but if you want one of those extra wide Bridge knives, he's got them.

              The Wusthof 10" Wide Chef's Knife generally sells for around $175-190 right now, and most of the dealers have promotions where you can get some extra premium depending on how much you spend on open stock Wusthof knives, so I still think the Wusthof is a better deal.

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                I just noticed, the knife is down to $175. No bites, perhaps, at $200.