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May 6, 2009 01:17 PM

parpadelle with ragu?

coming in to town from dc and looking for comforting parpadelle with ragu - any type of ragu will do - traditional, lamb, pork sugo.. etc.. any suggestions?

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  1. Lavagna makes a version with braised rabbit. Check out details at

    1. plenty of options if you search...though it helps to spell pappardelle correctly ;)

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      1. Gabriels near columbus circle.

        1. Would it matter if it were some other pasta shape with ragu?
          I don't really understand.
          And what is traditional ragu?

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            A traditional ragu is generally considered to be a traditional bolognese sauce, beef or beef/veal/pork based, long-simmering, on a mirepoix, wine and broth base, sometimes mounted with cream and with very little tomato in it. It is not a tomato sauce (nor is it a cream sauce--when used, those elements should meld seamlessly into the other flavors). Ragu is traditionally served with pappardelle rather than with another type of pasta because, as a hearty sauce, it is considered to require a substantial noodle to stand up to it, and the pappardelle gives it the appropriate surface to which to cling. Tastes just as good on rigatoni, though.

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              There are many, many traditional ragus in Italy. I don't know the specifics, but there are probably multiple ragus that are traditional to each region. Tuscany alone seems to have a ragu for any type of wild game that roams the area and perhaps more than one for some animals. In the U.S. when people say 'ragu' or 'traditional ragu' they are typically making an association with ragu bolgonese. As you point out ragu bolognese is a sauce of various ground meats that is not heavy on tomatoes or liquidy in any other way. However in Emelia-Romagna ragu bolognese is served with tagliatelle (or used in lasagna) not with pappardelle. And while Americans make an association with ragu bolognese what they usually have in mind is a tomoatoe based sauce like the ragus indigenous to Naples.

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              There are some people who believe that the shape of a pasta has nothing to do or no correlation as to what sauce it combines well with. The is a new dictionary word to describe such a person.

              The new word is, (drum roll please) "Spagnostic".

              Look for the duck pappardelle at Gabriels near Columbus circle. West 58th st. High end, white tablecloth great Italian.

            3. Da Andrea - 13th and 5th
              Mediterraneo - 66th and 2nd

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                I second Da Andrea! It's kind of a "house dish" here. Delicious.