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May 6, 2009 12:30 PM

Miami Beach - South Pointe Park - Where to grab takeout nearby?

Yo Hounds,

Im gonna be taking my lil woman down to South Pointe Park tonite and was wondering where to get some takeout from? I know there is Joe's but what is the wait like? Being outside is really what I wanna do and the newly designed park looks pretty sweet. Bomb me with reccos please. Thanks dudes and dudettes!

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  1. Why don't you just get takeout from Joe's and eat in the park or wherever?

    1. There won't be a wait at the Joe's takeout. The entrance is to the north of the Joe's main entrance. They have their own parking for takeout only. You can even call in your order in advance (want to put a link to the menu but can't get it to work, number is (305) 673-4611. Tell them you're going to be picnicking and ask them to throw in some paper plates and extra utensils. They've even got wine for takeout (bring your own corkscrew)!

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        I just saw these replies but ended up doing Joe's anyways. Took less than 10 minutes. Ive lived in Miami for almost 8 years and this was my first trip to Joe's!! Ok, so I didnt get the stone crabs (really not a fan of them or their hefty price tag) but I did end up with the crabcakes, fried green tomatoes, and fruit salad. Also popped a Corona only to walk outside right behind a cop haha. Kept it on the DL until he stopped his beat to talk to some valets. You never know when the law is going to want to enforce...

        The crabcakes were very meaty and because of that they were a decent value at $19.95. However, they lacked flavor and I really dont like the breading they use. It was just too much. The fried green tomatoes were good and with 6 large tomatoes for $6.95 a killer value. Again, the breading was a bit much but they were still good. The fruit salad was a nice finish. Plenty of pineapple, strawberry, and grapefruit for $3.95.

        I guess I will eventually have to try the stone crabs at Joe's and maybe the roasted chicken that everyone raves about. This food didnt make me feel like this was an elite restaurant in MIami though. Good, but not great. Couldnt beat the South Pointe Park though. It was gorgeous and a great way to end a day.

        1. re: Blind Mind

          8 years and this is your first time at joe's? wow. and to top that, you passed on the stone crab claws? wow wow.

          seriously, i mean, they got some other items on the menu that are decent, but its all about the claws. and the french fries. mmmmm.... they make good fries.

          1. re: rare_g


            If you find yourself in that area by day, the TakeAway has some amazing values at breakfast and lunch too. A freshly prepared egg sammie is just under $5 and there are daily specials in the non-stoner category that are often really good. The crab cakes do appear as a benny at breakfast if you need like 10000 calories to get going in the AM.

            "Everyone" does rave about the fried chicken which hovers near $8 and should be consumed on site (like most of the fried stuff) to get the crunch before it softens in the take out package. I have many big belly buds who swear by Joe's on a regular basis (new parents and singles who don't cook often). Fried eggplant is a killer vegetarian option, fried sweets too!

            The other benefit of the TakeAway is a pass by just before dinner to buy "sides" and then DIYour own protein. We get stone crabs at Casablanca and then hit Joe's for the sauce and a few add ons and it's WAY less $$$.

            Welcome to Miami Beach Living at it's finest... (Go High Tides!)


            1. re: advisor_Girl

              We do the same thing!! Either Casablanca (or even Costco) for claws and Joe's for sides (though I think I've perfected the grilled tomatoes). The fried chicken is good and eerily stays a little crunchy even after sitting in the plastic box. Must be industrial strength frying oil. Ribs are OK, but the potato salad that comes with them is addicting as heck!

            2. re: rare_g

              Yeah rare_g, stone crab claws just dont do it for me. Sure, they taste good, but I always have the feeling of, "Did I just actually eat something?", when Im done and my wallet is considerably lighter. They just dont provide substance and for the cost Id rather get something else. Might have to try the Casablanca route though and Ive made my own sauce before that is pretty money.

              Again, Im not saying I thought the food was bad, it was good. I know I prolly need to try other items but Im lacking the culinary boner here. Maybe the fried chicken will be the culinary viagra for me?

              1. re: Blind Mind

                the park itself has a snack bar! has anyone tried the hotdogs there yet? joe's takeaway is so overrated imo, but they have outstanding panini sandwiches, i must say!