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May 6, 2009 11:54 AM

Sunday lunch?

So far, lunch at Galley Seafood in Metarie on Friday, dinner at Mr. B's Friday, lunch at Casamentos Saturday and dinner at Upperline Saturday. Breakfast will be Cafe Dumond both wife loves it. We leave town around 1:30 Sunday and can't decide where to have lunch. We have a car, so anything between FQ and the airport is fine. Dragos was our choice, but they are closed Sunday. I'll be in shorts for the trip home, so nothing fancy and preferably creole, cajun or seafood. Oh, and with Central Grocery closed, where to get a muff for the plane?

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  1. For a muff, I would go to Nor-Joe's which is right off Metairie Road on the Bonnabel side of the train tracks. You should also pick up a container of red hots--mini balls of mozz marinated in a fiery pimenton oil. For lunch, how about Mandinas? Liuzzas? or Parkway?

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      We went to Liuzza's BTT on Wednesday at about 4. It was shut down, vacant, no furniture, and the smell of varnish coming out. FWIW.

      1. re: Hoc

        they remove the furniture for Jazz Fest. perhaps they were just doing some cleanup post JF.

      1. re: N.O.Food

        Pick up your muff. Sat. at Central and stick it in the mini frig. They hold up very well. IMO, Nojroe's makes the worst muff ever. One bite and in the trash. Folks sampling the other 3/4 followed suit. Perhaps Luke for lunch.