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May 6, 2009 11:46 AM

Gastronomy Honeymoon thru SW France + N Spain

hello - getting married late August and heading to Spain and SW France from Oregon for a 3 week honeymoon. We are flying in to Barcelona, but so far have no plans to spend time there. Looking for advice/tips/suggestions on how best to spend our 3 weeks. We will unwind from the wedding madness/jet lag for a few days in Begur, Costa Brava before heading North by car which we'll have the entire trip.

We want to fit in a cooking class or two, wine tour, and possibly meet with local cheese and olive oil makers for tours+ tastings. Have looked at a ton of tour companies, but most don't have exactly what we want to do and are 5-7 days in length. Costs are also prohibitive. We are now looking to create our own tour and hire knowledgeable people to provide classes/instruction in English.

Definite stops include San Sebastian, Bilbao, and Rioja region for wine. Everything else is up in the air: Bordeaux, Cahors, Toulouse area for Cassoulet, Gallicia, Asturias/Cantabria, and possibly back to Barcelona if it's really worth it. Can we do it all? What would you leave out or definitely include? We already have a long list of restaurants from previous post suggestions. But more than just eating out, we want to really be immersed in this amazing food and wine culture, stay in some of the beautiful old farm houses, and see some of the lesser known areas of Spain/France. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. If you like wine and cheese I recommend Baud & Millet in Bordeaux. In Saint-Estephne there is a local restaurant called Le Peyrat. It is a bar-restaurant where the locals go and we had a nice meal there. We had a wonderful meal at Arzak in San Sebastian.

    If you want to tour the major wineries you will need to make advance reservations. We especially enjoyed our tours of Château d'Yquem.and Chateau-Latour.

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      Since we have both a France board and a Spain board, we ask that you post on those respective boards for each part of your trip.

      Thank you.