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May 6, 2009 11:40 AM

Where to find fava beans?

I live in the Phila area (specifically Drexel Hill) and want to know where and in what form I am most likely to find fava beans? I'd love to find them fresh in the pod, but have tried two grocery stores and haven't seen them fresh, canned or frozen - ideas?

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  1. Sue's Produce on 18th often has them fresh, up by the register. i would expect to see them at the produce place in the corner of Reading Terminal too. Thank you.

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    1. re: Bride of the Juggler

      Reading Terminal, of course! Thanks for posting.

      1. re: 2jumpy

        If you are in Drexel Hill, then you are not that far away from Gentile's Market in Newtown Square on Rte 252 and 3. I just bought fava's there yesterday. $1.29 a pound.

        1. re: Atombird

          Thank you - my in laws tell me about Gentile's all the time, i can't believe I haven't been out there yet.

    2. I know Progresso sells them in cans as I was on a foule kick for many months after returning from Egypt. I'd expect any Middle Eastern grocery would carry them. Fresh ones? I dunno.


      1. Gentile's is an excellent suggestion. Iacone's in Reading Terminal has them as well. If you need a case or more, Giordano's at 9th/Washington usually has them very inexpensively. Case is @28 pounds, yields amazing little number of beans, after depodding and peeling.

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          Gentile's is probably the closest bet for fresh favas.

          I just got dried favas at... I think the Greek counter at Wayne farmer's market.

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            Do you know if they are freeze well, either in the pod or shelled? Raw or cooked?

          2. I saw them this week in the Reading Terminal, not in Iovine's (although they may well have them too), but the place closer to the middle next to Salumeria. They looked very nice and fresh.

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              1. re: Bigley9

                According to the sign when I walked by today, it's OK Lee, not Sue's. Isn't Sue's over by Rittenhouse?

            1. I was just at Kimberton Whole Foods today & they have organic dried fava beans. Which leads me to wonder if Martindale's does, since they carry so much of the same merchandise & since it's so much closer to 2Jumpy. Worth checking.


              Kimberton Whole Foods
              2140 Kimberton Rd, Kimberton, PA

              Martindale's Natural Market
              320 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA

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                Thanks so much for the info, I am on a mission!