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May 6, 2009 11:35 AM

New Turkish Restaurant in Berkeley

I heard through the Turkish community grapevine that there is a new Turkish restaurant with pretty good "doner kebap" on Bancroft Way.

I called up the owner to see what else he has. Here is a brief report:

- Various kebabs including doner, both chicken and lamb & beef versions
- Iskender kebap
- Appetizers: cacik (pronounced "jajek"), eggplant salad, piyaz (bean and egg salad), lentil soup
- Borek
- Desserts: baklava, kunefe, sutlac (rice pudding)

- He also has other non-Turkish dishes including Thai stir-fry food.

Name: New Jean's


Tel: (510) 486-8322

Paid parking available one block down from the restaurant.

If you go, let us hear what you thought about the food.

Ahmet Toprak
Director, Turkish Radio, San Francisco
Host, Orient Express

Listen to us through our archives:

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  1. I phoned and they say the name is still Julie's Healthy Cafe.

    7am-10pm weekdays, weekend hours to be determined.

    That's right across from UC, half a block east of Telegraph.

    1. Just tried this place for lunch. They seemed to be suffering a little from new restaurant disorganisation: lots of staff but perhaps they should rethink their division of labour. There are three counters you can order at -- one for salads, one for cooked Middle Eastern and Turkish food and one for mostly stir-fried Asian food (a holdover from the old Julie's) -- then you pay at the cashier, then maybe the one guy working out front brings you your food. My adana wrap was meat-free at one end, but the rest was satisfying, with meat in chunks instead of in one piece. Lamb shish kebab was, to my taste, burnt rather than blackened in places. Best thing was, strangely, the rice on the shish kebab plate. The two dishes and a Jarritos were $15.90.

      Pad Thai and the like aside, the menu isn't nearly as broad as Turkish Kitchen's, but it probably doesn't have to be -- the place was bustling, mostly students (many apparently Turkish, Arab and Persian) who were mostly eating from the Turkish side of the menu. I'll go back to try the shawarma/doner.

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      1. re: bradluen

        Thanks for the report

        New Jean's
        2562 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

        1. re: bradluen

          It might be because things are less chaotic there now, but the shawarma plate was much better than the dishes I ordered on my first visit. Lamb and beef slices carved off the rotisserie, quite oily, quite tasty.

        2. Julie's is gone? Oh, no! Where will I get banana bread at lunch now?

          This is a serious problem!