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May 6, 2009 11:19 AM

Crispy Fried Whole Fish with Chili Sauce - UWS

Where can I get good crispy fried whole fish in UWS? I have looked on a couple of menus of various vietnamese and malaysian restaurants without much luck. It is one of my all-time favorite things to eat, and I'd like to find it!


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  1. if you really want it, you might have to be willing to leave your neighborhood!

    - Kittichai @ the 60 Thompson Hotel in Soho does one in a ginger curry sauce.
    - BLT Fish serves a crispy whole Cantonese-style snapper.
    - Pam Real Thai on W. 49th offers several crispy whole snapper options, including one with chili sauce.

    other options:
    China Palace
    Royal Siam Thai
    Amaya Thai
    China Fun

    1. Not w/ chili sauce, but Barbao makes a nice crispy snapper with a kinda sorta sweet/sour thing going on...i enjoyed

      1. haha!...i love crispy whole fish too, but on the UWS, you can't even get an edible kung pao chicken!....UWS is living in the Dark Ages for Chinese fact, i'm so annoyed by it that i've decided to leave the neighborhood...

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          Don't leave! You've been giving me a new appreciation for my neighborhood with your posts! If worse comes to worst, you can always come over to my place for crispy whole fish. My apartment seems to be the epicenter for all things Asian in the West 70s since I'm more than willing to take the hike down to Chinatown on the B to get the goods to supplement what is lacking on the UWS.

          1. re: JungMann

            i'm flattered! And i accept the crispy fish invite (check your email)...

            ...but, tis true, i'm leaving the 'hood...i've had too many hungry Tuesday nights...i still love Cafe Ronda though: it's the one place i'll surely return to when i am in the area...but how many abondigas can i eat?...

            will surely post an Exit Review of the UWS in the coming weeks...

        2. thanks! i'm absolutely willing to leave, but this was on short notice and with a group of people after work... i will certainly investigate!

          1. I'd go with Pam Real Thai (w. 50s) or Land Thai (upper w. 70s). Pam Real has any combination you want. Land Thai's version is a bit more upmarket (and smaller) but still quite good. They do a sweet sauce with it but would kindly alter to chili for you, I'm sure. Their green papaya salad is one of the freshest and spiciest in the city.

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              I wound up at Land Thai, it was perfectly satisfactory. Nice cocktails too. Will check out the papaya salad next time (soon!)