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May 6, 2009 10:44 AM

Local eateries in Rome

Hi! New to the board and have a couple of questions.

We will be visiting Room June 15-21 this year. We have rented an apartment in the Colosseum area (via merulana). There will be my husband, me and 2 grown adult children. We will be relying on walking and public transportation (metro, buses, etc) for our transportation.

We currently live in the caribbean and where ever we go, we prefer to eat where the locals eat, not the tourist restaurants.

We plan on doing breakfast in our apartment, but would love some names of local restaurants for our afternoon meal and something light for dinner (we are Americans, but live in the Caribbean where eat very European, 2 hour break in afternoon for big meal, then light meal after 7pm or so.

Our favorites of course are pasta and seafood. We love to try new things to eat, so we are open to all different types of foods.

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  1. Via Merulana is not exactly the Colosseum area, but it's not far, and whenever I walk around there (I live very close to the Colosseum) i always see trattorias that I think might be good. Unfortunately I've never tried them and can't remember their names.

    1. not that I will be able to help very much, but do you know where on the via Merulana you will be? At the Lateran end or down toward Santa Maria Maggiore. The Arte di Pane bakery and prepared food shop (not cheap) is the only thing that sticks out immediately to me as being on that strip, but Im sure there is plenty..

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        We rented an apartment at #215, very close to the corner of Merulana and via machiavelli. How is that area anyway? Thanks.


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          As I recall it, that area is mixed fairly modern residential and commercial. Id say bustling middle class urban atmosphere. The fairly pricey bakery I mentioned Panella l'Arte del Pane is at 54 Via Merulana. Ironically we were not thrilled by their bread, but their special breads like pannetone were really excellent and the prepared foods were a fine resource - we bought items for a takeout Christmas meal there (very rich) There is also a panificio on via Labicana on the Colle Oppio side down toward the Colisseum which looked worth sampling. (listed in Gambero Rosso Rome guide). Its interesting that so many people highlight Roscioli as the best bakery in rome - they make pizza bianca which is reallly more of a snack than the kind of bread that accompanies meals. Look in the local bakeries for the pane genzano or lariano (both made in the Colli romani and shipped into Rome) that is sold by the kilo - that to my mind is the very best bread you can find in Rome.

          There is a big daily market at Piazza Vittorio Emmanuele, a few blocks from your apartment. Ive not shopped there, but my recollection is that it includes some more exotic items because of diverse population in that quarter or Rome. Im sure mfant or others could comment with more detail on this.

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            But jen, Roscioli does have other, real, breads, too, like the Lariano you mention, then a whiter version of it, a full "integrale", one with nuts, one with olives, lately also a baguette made of kamut, then the little tozzetti....

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              We always visit Panella on Via Merulana when in Rome and recommend it as well. We also like the prepared foods and the various foccacia and pizze. It's a short walk from the Mecenate Palace Hotel where we always stay.

              Outside of Agata e Romeo (too pricey) and Trattoria Monti (disappointed us once and we won't return), can you recommend or suggest restaurants or trattorias in the Monti area? We have eaten twice at Robertino (just off Cavour) where the seafood is good, but I'm not sure the quality is as good now that he is no longer running the place (his daughter was last time we visited).