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May 6, 2009 10:08 AM

Anyplace to eat in Redding?

I'll be in Redding overnight next month. I did a search, and came up with every post with the word "red" in it. Very helpful.

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  1. There are some satisfying options aside from the plethora of chains. What kind of cuisine are you looking for? Ethnic is often one of the better bets in town. Are you staying during the week or on a weekend? Options get much more limited if you are looking to go out on a Sunday night.

    Japanese/sushi: there are three pretty good options. Sakura Sushi is only open M-F, Kampai Sushi is very small, open M-S, and newly-opened Yama Sushi is fun sushi boats circling a bar. We've been satisfied at all three locations.

    Thai Restaurants worth trying include Racha Noodle, and Thai Cafe. Never had a disappointing meal at either.

    Priya Indian Cuisine has solid offerings. They offer southern Indian cuisine (dosas, etc.) in addition to the standard items.

    For more upscale dining, we like Moonstone Bistro. They have occasionally had a miss, but most of their offerings hit the mark. They are set in a strip mall - don't let the location fool you, the food is worth it. They are, however, pricey for the Redding area. There is Rivers - which has the best view in town of the River - it's a beautiful setting, but both times I was there the food underwhelmed me. In fact some of it was inedible due to the very heavy-handed flavoring. That was early in their incarnation, though and maybe they've improved - I know others seem to like it. There's also Vintage Wine Bar, with full meals and small plate offerings. They have live music on the weekends. Maritime Seafood and Grill is also downtown - we've only eaten there once - our meal was quite good, but we haven't been back - not sure why.

    Depending on what you're interested in, there are quite a few other options available, and different choices for lunch (some of the lunch places aren't open for dinner) - so, to repeat the question at the top of the post, what kind of cuisine are you looking for?

    Sakura Sushi
    2130 East St, Redding, CA 96001

    Yama Sushi
    40 Hartnell Ave, Redding, CA 96002

    Kampai Sushi
    351 Northpoint Dr, Redding, CA 96003

    Racha Noodle
    2630 S Market St, Redding, CA 96001

    Thai Cafe
    820 Butte St, Redding, CA 96001

    Rivers Restaurant
    202 Hemsted Dr, Redding, CA 96002

    Moonstone Bistro
    3425 Placer St, Redding, CA 96001

    Priya Indian Cuisine
    2937 Churn Creek Rd, Redding, CA 96002

    Vintage Wine Bar & Restaurant
    1790 Market St, Redding, CA 96001

    Maritime Seafood & Grill
    1600 California St, Redding, CA 96001

    1. Looks like the search engine has gone bizzaro again.mvm's profile has a number of links to posts on Redding:

      Here's my "Driving 99 and I-5" list of options, maybe mvm can comment and update on those not previously mentioned:

      Racha Noodle - Thai, spicy soup called Khao Soy,
      Hwy 273 south at the intersection with California St

      Giff's - the Ugly Burger, great hot dogs
      in a U shaped "strip" mall on Bechelli Lane, south of Cypress Ave

      Priya Restaurant - Indian (also S. Indian


      El Mariachi's - mole sweet & spicy, machaca, albondigas soup, and menudo
      Churn Creek road

      Fat Burrito (form. Mi Pueblito)
      East of I-5 on Cypress St. in a small shopping center next door to Walgreen's

      Fast Weenies - drive thru only, no restrooms
      take Cypress exit off I-5 and go West. Turn right on Athens Ave and then right on Locust street.

      Hatchcover - prime rib/lobster (near Motel 6)
      2002 HEMSTED DRIVE
      (530) 223-5606

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      1. re: PolarBear

        OK, I'll bite.

        Giff's - still open as far as I know. Been there once a couple of years ago - and it was good, but haven't been back (I'm not much of a burger fan). Crusty guy serving up the burgers - kind of reminded me of Don Elkins at the Central Texan in Castroville - same attitude. The place certainly has character.

        El Mariachi's and Fat Burrito - heard good things about both - haven't been to either. Our go-to for Mexican is Taqueria Los Gordos. They have two locations, we like the Churn Creek one better for the ambiance (such as it is - soccer or spanish TV on all the time). The Churn Creek site is just off I-5 - really easy on and off. Might be good to add to your list of options. They have the best carnitas we've found since leaving Watsonville.

        Fast Weenies - haven't been. Again, heard good things. I think it's still open . . .

        Hatchcover - burned to the ground and was reincarnated as Rivers - see my post above.

        Also should mention that the owners of Racha Noodle opened another site across from the Mt. Shasta Mall - Five Tasty Thais. I haven't been yet - but it's a pretty easy on and off for an I-5 road trip.

        Giff's Steakburger
        2827 Bechelli Ln, Redding, CA 96002

        Taqueria Los Gordos
        5200 Churn Creek Rd Ste L, Redding, CA 96002

        Taqueria Los Gordos
        1400 Pine St, Redding, CA 96001

        Fast Weenies
        175 Locust St, Redding, CA 96001

        1. re: millvillemurphs

          Thanks much for the updates and other options.

      2. La Cabana, 1335 Market St. GREAT fish tacos, carne asada, carnitas. Cheap and quick too. El Mariachi is a sister restaurant.

        Fast Weenies is good - great potato salad. Lunch only.

        Yama Sushi - unusual sushi & sashimi offerings. Don't be put off by the touristy setting (sushi bar with boats floating by) or the locale (strip mall). This is really delicious.

        Racha Noodle - get the pho or the ginger chicken, plus the mango sticky rice. Cash only. Closes at 8 PM.

        Burrito Bandito
        2805 E. Center St. Anderson, CA 96007
        8938 Airport Rd., Redding, CA 96002
        3365 Placer St. Redding Ca, 96002 (in the Holiday Market shopping center) - huge burritos made to order with a variety of fillings, plus assorted salsas. Short on atmosphere but you can get it to go and find a better spot to eat.

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        1. re: ultravox

          My family and I ate at Giff's on a roadtrip. The burgers were decent. But we had the distinct that we'd better not say anything that, say, Rush Limbaugh, would take exception to. It was a very uncomfortable experience--just want people to know.

        2. Jacks Bar and Grill, frozen in time. Est.1938, 1743 California St.Great cocktails served from a bar covered with tuck and roll with a dimly lit dining area.. This beef comes from the area and is cooked at a very high temperature on a flat iron grill. Baked potato with salad is very basic as it should be. The best around and not to be missed. Check out their website.

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          1. re: emglow101

            I was going to suggest Jacks. They have excellent steaks, good service and a cozy little joint.
            The wait is worth it.
            Also there is another Steak House on Hilltop is located slightly down (or up depending on your direction of travel) from Logan Roadhouse across the street. Western in appearance and good as well....I apologize the name escapes me. Also down on Hilltop is C R Gibbs....good american type food.
            I am not much to for Burrito Bandito....I would rather have Chipotles. But another option for you might be The Taco Barn. Simple and good.

            Taco Barn
            5531 Deschutes Rd, Anderson, CA 96007

          2. Any more updated lunch suggestions? For people who don't eat beef? We are curious to see the sundial bridge, so food nearby would be preferable.

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            1. re: indigirl

              The restaurant I couldn't remember is Cattleman's on Hilltop. In addition to steak, they have great coconut shrimp, beautiful Maine Lobster, ribs and chicken. They serve you one of the best sour dough breads with just the right amount of twang. And deserts are awesome as well. Carrot Cake is delish. It is also about 8 minutes away from the Sundial bridge on CA 44.
              Jacks is really good for steaks....not much on the menu and they keep it SIMPLE. PERIOD.

              Another option is Maritime Seafood and Grill. They are good as well....and you will find them on California Street. Again in close proximity to Sundial Bridge.

              Lim's Cafe is good I understand. Have never been there myself...but know many who have and they love it.

              La Cabana is Mexican....always always GREAT. Very favorable. Not fancy....just simple with good service. It won't disappoint.

              Most of these restaurants are near the Sundial bridge. Hope this gives you a bigger choice.

              2184 Hilltop Dr.

              Maritime Seafood and Grill
              1600 California St

              Lim's Cafe
              592 N Market St

              1335 Market Street

              1. re: BeckJ

                Thanks for the options! Is this the same Cattleman's chain that has been in CA since at least the late 70s? When I was a kid we used to stop at one on the way to Tahoe... such memories!