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May 6, 2009 10:06 AM

Cape Coral -- Cuban Restaurant

Rincon Cubano
on Country Club Blvd., near where Vizcaya turns into Country Club (right before the little bridge near the current police/sheriff hq).

958 Country Club Blvd # A
Cape Coral, FL 33990
(239) 772-7790

Great deal on changing daily lunch specials. Monday, mom and I got a feast: very generous meat and two ample sides for $6.50 per person. One dinner is enough for two, really.

We got pork fricasee, and ropa vieja. moros, platanos, tostones, and red beans with rice. the pork was outstanding -- 5-6 huge chunks of succulent pork in a mildly spicy, savory sauce. ropa vieja was tender, but not as moist as the pork. the tostones were huge, and hot off the grill, but needed salt (easy to remedy). both beans dishes were good. the platanos were soft, and there were about 5-6 1-1/2" chunks. would've been good for dessert with some honey!

imported beers are only $2.50!!!

pastel de guayaba -- delicious, fresh, flaky, with loads of guava paste: 75 cents!!!!

cafe con leche: large (and in a to-go styro cup) is only a buck-fifty -- like a dessert for me!

flan was superb -- and equally inexpensive.

guarapa -- the then-and-there freshly extracted cane juice is good, too. a little herbal and earthy, and refreshing. would be good in a mojito, as our waitress said some use guarapa. (they don't serve booze there, though).

they also have the freshly extracted orange juice. it is fun to watch them tossing the oranges into the machine, and watching the wheels turn to squash the oranges for juice. i'll try it next time, cause the orange oil from the skin has to add some great flavor!
saw a chicken "milanesa" sandwich (an entree on the cuban bread instead of served on rice), which looked stacked and superb! also noted fried beefsteak cutlet sandwiches.
they have a good take-out business (and it is not far from the cape coral hospital).
it was very busy at 1 pm on monday.

can't wait to return when i'm back on the cape.

tip, if you sit further away from the counter, i think it is more likely your waitress won't be caught in the double-duty doing the counter/take-out orders/cashier duties.

spanish soap operas were on the two tvs.
several electric floor fans were circulating the air conditioned air....(and were greatly appreciated). two outdoor concrete tables near the adjacent canal would be nice to sit at -- in winter!

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  1. EL RINCON CUBANO is the proper name, i think.

    1. Thanks for the head's up on this one. We stopped for lunch on the way back from Pine Island and the food is wonderful. Value is unbelievable. Service A++++ as well as cleanliness (important to me since we recently found a place that was recommended here on CH that was filthy YUCK)

      1. my sister and i tried mambo's in the older part of cape coral. they were out of many items on their specials board, and what we did get was just so-so. they closed at 9:30 on saturday night, and gave us the bum's rush.

        plus, there was a guitarist adjacent to the front door (but inside) and when we gave him a tip and just sat down right near the guitarist as we were leaving (to hear him finish one song), the mambo's people took our tip OUT of the jar and handed it back to me. then they stood there to make sure we got the message that it was closing time and that we needed to get out the door. i mean, it is fine if you wanna get home; but, please, have a little courtesy, will ya? no mambo's.
        in contrast, el rincon is just as good (and friendly) as ever . i love their pork roast (fricassee) and mr. alka loved the filet with cheese and ham (go figure, but it is popular there -- as i described it above, the "milanesa".). i always have to get tostones, splashing them with the table vinegar while they're still piping hot. cold presidential beer is great with the food.