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New Orleans with a 9 year old

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Coming to New Orleans next week. Bringing a 9 year old. He eats anything, will act appropriately in any restaurant etc…. Which restaurants do you recommend that do not mind a 9 year old dining there? Price is not really an issue. I would like to take him to a mix of joints and maybe a nice place here and there. Thought about Cochon, Casementos, Parasols….. What about Emerils places? Brennans? Commander’s Palace? Brigtsens? We are staying in the Quarter. Would prefer walking distance places if possible. Oysters, Cajun food, steaks, sushi..anything along those lines. Any other suggestions are welcome also

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  1. I'll start it off with an easy one. For lunch, Johnny's Po'Boy. It's in the Quarter.

    1. We took our son, who was 7 at the time, to Mandina's one Sunday afternoon for dinner and he loved the spaghetti and meatballs. He also enjoyed the streetcar trip to and from Mandina's

      1. Emeril's flagship is wonderful They have a food bar for dining that overlooks the kitchen ,which might be fun for your 9 yr. old. You will be directly opposite , and a counter's distance, from some of the cooks. K-Pauls. for dinner.....ask for a table next to the front window. You'll be able to watch the band outside.

        1. We started bringing my nephew to New Orleans when he was 8. He loved the BBQ shrimp at Mr. B's; fried shrimp, etc. at Galatoire's, and beignets Cafe du Monde.

          1. Nat and Maddies (uptown) has a children's menu and great menu and wine list. My kids really like Casamentos as well. In the Quarter, you could try Bayona (for lunch) and Acme Oyster House. Another choice is Jacques Imos. It is a high energy and fun enviroment for all children and adults. Hansen's Sno balls on Tchoupitoulas is a favorite for them for desert.

            1. Wbw,

              I was about that age, when my family first took me to Galatorie's. Next year, we dined at Antoine's. Though this was back in the '50s, each was excellent, and I have great memories. Back then, even a 9-year old needed a jacket and tie. That has probably changed at either.

              I'd recommend taking your 9 year old to any fine-dining restaurant in NOLA. A well-behaved child should be welcomed and it *should* be a great experience. Talk to your youngster and explain the history and the magnitude of the event. If they are like I was, they will treasure the experience and understand the opportunity.