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May 6, 2009 10:01 AM

suggestions for Jamaican celebration food

I have been invited to a party celebrating the graduation of a friend who is Jamaican -- are there any "typical" celebratory foods/drinks to bring a little bit of "home" his way (we are in the midwest)?

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  1. See if you can buy Ting anywhere..this Grapefruit soda is lovely. Red Stripe? Rum punch with GOOD rum??

    Food ideas

    Jerk chicken
    Johnny Cakes
    Rum Cake
    Rice and Peas

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    1. Festival - it's a fried bread like johnnycake. The name is certainly celebratory and the bread is yummy.

      1. In addition to the already great rec's

        Curry Goat
        Green Banana

        When making the Rum Punch use Appleton Rum as well.