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May 6, 2009 09:56 AM

If You Had to Choose...

Which one would you pick for a fun birthday celebration on a Friday night...

Via Matta
Mama Maria
B&G Oyster
Neptune Oyster
The Butcher Shop

We like all of the menus/cuisines listed above; however, as out-of-towners we are looking for the one with the best service, atmosphere and overall experience. As I mentioned in another post, we will be celebrating my 28th birthday and enjoy non-rushed service in a lively atmosphere.

Thanks Again!

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  1. How many people are in your dinner party? Some of the places mentioned (B&G, Butcher Shop and Neptune) are on the smaller side.

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    1. re: mats77

      We are in two people - me and my husband

    2. That's a nice lineup! For your purposes, I'd probably choose Sorellina, but I think you'd be happy at just about any of those places. Prezza next, then Via Matta. The Butcher Shop and Neptune Oyster are kind of casual, B&G is kind of cramped, Mamma Maria is a bit fusty.

      1. I would narrow it down to a stop at B&G for oysters, lobster roll and a walk across the street to the Butcher Shop for a cheese selection and wine. But then you would be missing out on the oysters at Neptune followed by a lovely paella at Prezza. The more I think about it, I would go with Neptune and Prezza. Their paella is amazing and if they have the baked figs wrapped in prosciutto stuffed with gorgonzola you will never regret it.

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        1. re: Pegmeister

          Good plan, but you could really only do that on a weeknight or very early on Fri or Sat without a huge wait at both places.

          The places that you listed are all so different. For a high energy casual night I would go with P-meister's suggestion(s).

          For higher-end dining, I'd choose Sorrelina.

          1. re: Pegmeister

            I like the idea of doubling up Neptune Oyster and Prezza. Has anyone on the board ever been to the Pearl Oyster Bar in NYC. Since I live so close the restaurant, we go there often for the lobster roll and I don't want to replicate that experience in Boston...unless of course it is much better!

          2. I would also vote for Sorellina, great place for special occasions and I have never felt rushed there. They also have a nice bar/lounge area for drink before dinner. Some of the smaller places might make you dinner feel a little more hurried.

            1. Based on your criteria:
              1. Sorrelina
              2. Via Matta
              3. Prezza
              Any 3 of these would be great. I have never had a bad experience or meal at Sorrelina or Via Matta. Prezza has great food, however I have had some service issues including waiting 45 min+ when I had a reservation.

              IMO the Butcher Shop is overpriced at any time and not very good for a group on a weekend night unless you get there early and stake out good space.
              Neptune will be packed on a Friday and is a bit cramped under normal circumstances.
              Mame Maria is fine, but not that fun of an atmosphere. Also, I would prefer Prezza of Via Matta for Italian food.