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May 6, 2009 09:53 AM

Good Front St. Restaurant on Sunday

I'm going to a show at the ACC on Sunday and would like to have an early dinner somewhere in the area of Front St./York/ Yonge/Church. I'm unfamiliar with this area and would really appreciate some advice....thanks!

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  1. Irish Embassy at Yonge/Wellington - pub
    Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar or new Hank's - not sure if they are open on a Sunday.

    1. I'll second JKWB if it's open. Trevor is around there too, but I've never eaten there and can't give you an opinion on it.

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        I'll third JKWB. Pretty sure they are open on Sunday. I'd skip Trevor. Biff's is a good option if you're in the mood for French Bistro food.