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May 6, 2009 09:49 AM

NYer's Recs for 2 days in Paris? - moved from Manhattan board

I know this should be on the France board, but Chowhound doesn't seem to be super-popular in France.

I'll be doing a long wine tour throughout the French countryside, and ending my trip with two days in Paris. I'm staying in the Latin Quarter, and this is my first time in the city.

I was looking for recommendations from fellow New Yorkers who (a) share my passion for honest and authentic food and (b) aren't into doing the "super-touristy" thing. I know I can't expect to even scratch the surface in two days, but was just hoping for some great rec's, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We're willing to bounce all around the city, but mainly between the St. Germain district, west to the eiffel tower area, and east to about the Panthenon.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Lucky you! My favorites when I'm in Paris are:
    A la Petite Chaise (for dinner): 36, rue grenelle - 75007
    Le Parisien Brasserie (for the world's best croques): 51, place robert debre - 75006
    Laduree (I don't care how touristy this place is, they make the best macarons in the entire world): 21, rue bonaparte - 75006
    Berthillon (best ice cream in the universe...I get 2 scoops of the salted caramel): 31, st. louis en ille - 75004

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      Second Berthillon- my mouth is watering just thinking about them. I particularly love their fruit and melon flavors.

    2. WEll, welcome to the France Forum! I think you'll find a very active group over here. ;)

      1. Oh, and I forgot one important tidbit...

        One of the days is Sunday. Is that as bad as I've heard? Please say no!

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          Sunday is worse than you heard. Your choices are limited to 10% of what they'd be tue-fri.

          I'm no fellow New Yorker so I don't know if you're interested in my opinion. But if you were, would you care to specify a bit more what you're looking for, in terms of budget, the kind of experience, the type of food?

          1. re: souphie

            CocH, Souphie is very knowledgable about the Paris food scene. Souphie, I read through this board prior to my trip last month, and your posts were very helpful. Thanks!


            1. re: souphie

              Thanks souphie:

              I'm not interested in Robuchon or Guy Savoy or things like that. Locals' favorites, can't miss snacks or specialty places. Cool wine bars, classic institutions that haven't gone to touristy hell. I know I'm rambling a bit here! :) Thanks again....

              1. re: CocHoliday

                Is the other day a saturday or a mondayt? Your options are not the same.

                You can already write down Fish, rue de Seine, a wine-oriented restaurant with very good food, well-chosen wines and English-speaking owners. You can also write down l'Auberge Bressane for rich, traditional, country-side food and ambiance. La Rotisserie du Beaujolais for rotisserie, quai de la Tournelle. Le Petit Pontoise, rue de Pontoise, are good bistrost open everyday and in your designated area. Christophe has excellent food but a sad ambiance. For textbook Parisian bistrot, you also La Fontaine de Mars, rue Saint Dominique.

                Fish also has a can't miss snack across the street, called Cosi (it's the original Cosi, and it's incomparably better than the NY chain).

                There are also numerous places for cheese, chocolate in the area you're considering.

                1. re: souphie

                  My other day, as is looking unfortunately, is a Saturday. Thanks so far souphie, when do you ever get to NY?

                  1. re: CocHoliday

                    I'm not sure more places are open on monday than saturday, but they are usually different ones. Among the ones open on sat (besides the ones I mentioned before and that are open everyday) are D'Chez Eux, Pasco, P'tit troquet (closed sat lunch), Les Papilles (wine restaurant).

                    I come to NYC two or three times a year, to see my in-laws.

                2. re: CocHoliday

                  Itineraires is in the Latin Quater and is apparently going very strong.

                  In this part of Paris there are always lots of tourists so if a place is good it will have been found. Surprisingly a lot of the locals in Paris do go to Robuchon and Guy Savoy, thus in some respects these are also local...!

                  You should also look along rue St Dominique towards the west of the 7eme, Chez L'ami Jean is great, any of the Christian Constant places (fables de la fontaine, le violin d'ingres, les cocottes, and cafe constant)

                  1. re: PhilD

                    Oh, of course, I understand completely that Robuchon and Savoy and Tallivent are local treasures. It's just, living in NY and being in the rest. business, I've had my share of michelin-worthy dinners...but much respect to those guys...! Thanks for the rec's...

                    1. re: PhilD

                      I second Cafe Constant. I was there at the end of April and it was so good, I went back again two days later. Delicious "crispy shrimps" and the steak filet was extremely well cooked and tasty. It's only about three blocks from the Eiffel Tower.

              2. Understand your concern for accuracy, but as a part-time New Yorker and Parisian as well, find the Paris board to be smaller, true, but of more experienced people, or at least more that mimic my 'mouth'. As others have just said, you can take whatever Souphie says to the bank. If your other day there is Saturday, you are in more trouble, some open but far less than weekday. l would read posts on things like macarons as well as ice cream to see what is considered excellent at this time, but for one meal that defines Paris, lunch or dinner, though 1 o'clock in the morning is the best time, l would go to Chez Denise in the First Arr.

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                  1. re: souphie

                    When wrote, asked if other day was a Saturday or not.