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Best Falafel In Jerusalem

Heading for Jerusalem soon. One of my main joys there is the falafel. What places can you recommend. Years back there was a place in Machane Yehuda and another on Ushiskin street that were recommended. Thanks.

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  1. Try Falafel Temani, on Hanevi'im just up from the Russian Compound.

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      Go to Moshiko on Ben Yehuda. It's about three quarters of the way down on the right hand side if you are coming from the top down to Kikar Zion. Great shawarma and falafel. Have been going there for years, and was just there two weeks ago. Still as good as ever.

    2. the place on King George near Yafo (across from Lev Yerushalim) is still a great falafel place.

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        I think the place on King George is "Maoz"

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          Hands-down the best felafel in the city, open since the 1960s, is Shalom Felafel, 36 Bezalel Street, a five minute walk from the center of town and the perfect place to have a flawlessly crunchy, greaseless whole, half or "lafa" felafel. Don't miss it, and in my opinion it outranks Moshiko easily.

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            Yes it is! that is my absolute favorite! for schwarma as well

        2. There's an Arab restaurant across the street from the Damascus Gate that's really fantastic. Go to the take out counter next to the restaurant proper for great falafel for only 6 NIS. The shawarma, however, is not good.

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            If it's not kosher, it has no place being mentioned here on the kosher board.

          2. The best Falafel in Jerusalem is at 14 King George. The place is called Maoz falafel. it has been there for over 40 years. Run by the same family. It is clean, has a few stools to sit down and during the summer months it has tables on the sidewalk. It is my first stop on every trip to Israel.

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              I'm pretty sure that's the place I mentioned above. My Israeli friends all eat there

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                Is it directly across the street from a small park?

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                  it's on Melech George btw Yaffo and Ben yehuda, don't know if i'd call the area across the street "a park" I think it's more like a shopping plaza adjacent to Lev Yerushaliam apts

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                    I actually have a picture of the store from 2006. Cholentmaker was right the name of the place is Maoz, as seen on the sign


              2. I'm surprised no one mentioned Melech Hafalafel on King George

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                  I've eaten at both Maoz and Melech, they're both good.

                2. Melech and Maoz in Town Center are both good. Falaffel HaTemani in the Bukharian Shuk is the one Jerusalemites recomend and it is a great falaffel and experience. It is a hole in the wall, two delightful Temani bothers who inherited it from their father and people line up for it.

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                    I have a new favorite. I used to like Melech Hafalafel and Moshiko, but now I prefer Falafel Hamoshava 4 Teamim on Avizohar in Beit Kerem (next to the new kosher McDonalds). They serve four different flavors of falafel: sesame, red, green, and plain. You can order a falafel with all or just one of the flavors. The place was packed with locals, and the Moshiko in the same plaza was empty.