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May 6, 2009 09:29 AM

Dinner with kids near Brooklyn Botanic?

I'm looking for a nice interesting place to bring a group of suburbanites after a day touring the gardens. A place that's a bit adventurous and not overly expensive where kids 8 - 11 would be welcome. Anywhere near the garden, in prospect heights or park slope would be great.

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  1. We frequent Teddy's on Washington for Greek (its sort of a nice diner), also the Mexican place, Los Muertos (sp?), a little further down is also good for burritos etc. and very casual.

    Not far away on Vanderbilt, Amorina is excellent for interesting pizza and a limited additional menu.

    A little more upscale but also very good is Cheryl's Global Soul on Underhill

    we've taken kids & groups to all of these with good results, Amorina is not real big but if you get there on the early side its usually no problem, we often go with party of 8

    1. will you be walking or driving?

      1. Miriam--at 5th Ave. & Prospect Place (not to be confused with Prospect Ave.)--is perfectly child-friendly and reasonably priced. Its menu (mediterranean/middle eastern) is not boring, but is also perfectly accessible to adults and kids (though they may need the menu "translated" for them). Anything so that you don't end up at Aunt Suzie's.

        1. Had dinner at Cheryl's Global Soul Kitchen on Underhill Road with my brother and my girlfriend. Sat in back where they have a many wrought-iron tables under big shady trees. There were lots of families eating with their kids (outside always seems to be better for kids). Food was fabulous. I had the pork chops with salsa-verde. Bro had the Salmon and girlfriend had the catfish... all were superb. Good luck.

          1. There is restaurant there, and the Brooklyn museum next door. In addition to places on Vanderbilt, Christie's Jamaican Patties on flatbush might be closer. Hard dough bread, coco bread, and coconut turnovers will probably be interesting and acceptable. The Patties share many of the ingredients American kids are used to.

            You may be able to get parking on or near Vanderbilt.