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May 6, 2009 09:15 AM

Been to Sea Pearl? Recs on what to get or avoid?

A search of this board finds a few passing mentions of Sea Pearl, but not much of substance unless I'm just not finding it. Sea Pearl is the upscale California fusion Vietnamese place opened by one of the legendary Eden Ctr Four Sisters and her husband...

I'm going there for Mother's Day. I live out of state, and usually hit up Nha Trang in Clarendon and one of the bánh mì shops when I'm visiting. Any thoughts on what stands out, or what's best to avoid?

Sea Pearl Restaurant
8191 Strawberry Ln 2, Falls Church, VA

Nha Trang
6757 Wilson Blvd Ste 7, Falls Church, VA 22044

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  1. Only been twice, once for lunch, once for drinks/apps.

    The seared tuna wrap was stellar. A real standout. And credible french fries.
    My friend had the crabcake - liked it but no raves. (I didn't see large chunks of crab)

    Apps at the bar were just ok. Fried calamari was nothing special. Too heavy on the batter and the calamari was a bit chewy. The spicy tuna roll was good. But I wouldn't order it again. This isn't a sushi restaurant.

    Please report back on your mother's day experience.

    And if you have an extra day be sure to hit Four Sisters across the street for some of the best Vietnamese around.

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      Thx Meg!
      p.s. "credible french fries" is a very funny line

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        I went there recently with my family for dinner and we had a delicious meal. We shared the calamari as well and though there was a lot of batter, ours were not chewy at all.

        For entrees, I had the Chilean Sea Bass which is one of their specialties. It was amazing and I would love to go back and have it again. My husband had the peppered linguini pasta which he said was good as well. Everyone enjoyed their meal including my mother-in-law who had the Tuna, and my father-in-law who had the Trout. We all had a bite of my neices burger and french fries which was delicious too. I don't think there was anything we didn't like (and we're pretty picky eaters).

        If you are thinking of getting a cocktail and like berries, the Starburst was delicious. Overall, it was a very classy restaurant with an attentive wait-staff.

    2. This place must be hurting for business. I see ads in the paper for a free app or dessert with the purchase of an entree.

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        Yes, there's Free App coupons in the WaPo, which lots of folks were using. It's the kinda thing that could get you in the door if you're thinking about it already - good for Sea Pearl.

        First off, it's a beautiful room. Spacious, chic modern design - the interior and the tableware are all really thought out and balanced -- it made for Special, made Mother's Day weekend nice for my mom.

        The food was very good. Not Vietnamese -- totally Cali Fusion. Wide variety of flavors, all distinct and well pulled off -- Moroccan fish with root veg: pleasantly spicy. Hangar steak with salsa verde, really good bok choy with my glazed fish. The crab/shrimp spring rolls were delicious, with nice lump crab inside -- and the presentation is very very nice. Salads good too.

        When they got full, the wait staff was slammed and we had to wait wait wait to get out the door, but they couldn't have been more pleasant about it. It's a very good special occasion place, or treat night out.

        It would be an excellent space for a party -- lots of distinct areas, tasty food, lively pretty room.

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