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May 6, 2009 08:01 AM

PUNTA GORDA -- "Monty's" PIZZA -- dee-licious!!

This place Monty's has a fantastic pizza and stromboli!

Monty's Restaurant & Pizzeria

2310 Tamiami Trl
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
(941) 575-9565‎
(941) 637-0008‎

the monty's "special" pizza is *loaded*, and the italian sausage is delicious.

the stromboli is likewise so moist, tasty, and stuffed! i can't recall which fillings my brother-in-law got this last time. **
**[edit: here it is from my sister:

"Here you go…


That’s how I can remember the original
Monty’s Stromboli….actually you can
order any combination of ingredients,
but MOPS is our favorite.

Love ya’
The Babs"]
I thought it had mozzarella cheese, too. maybe that is a given with any stromboli?

i'm a pizza fanatic, and i liked the stromboli even better!!!

we've been going to monty's for years, even before hurricane charley destroyed their old location. their new-ish place (i.e., post-charley) is better-than-ever.

it is worth a trip from n. ft. myers, where i visit my family a few times a year.

get thyself to monty's, and thank me later! ;-).

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  1. Sounds good. What kind of crust do they have?

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    1. re: Suzie

      it is a nice yeasty, chewy crust, not too thick (it is good when i'm happy to munch on just the crusts, like here). good, straightforward pizza-dough flavor.

      not "coal-" or "fire-roasted" as far as i know, but it is very good.

      1. re: alkapal

        sounds even better. I will try it out.

        1. re: Suzie

          suzie, i'm anxious for you to try them! let us know how it goes.....

    2. Just a Thank you.....

      I am the original owner for 22 years of Montys pre hurricane Charley...I had sold it and they had reopened in the new location....I it bought it back in late 07', got back in town in 08' and have been working there full time since July 08'....putting all those recipes and favorites back in place, just like the OLD place...thats why I renamed it OLD Montys...

      Its nice to hear that the endless hours I have put in and hard work is appreciated and enjoyed.....Thank you again....Bon Appetit!

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      1. re: ebab

        ebab, it's very cool to hear from you!!! my brother-in-law is melvin williams -- he's the one who discovered your place (for us) years ago.

        i'm so glad you bought it back -- cause when it first reopened, i thought the quality was not up to par. now i know *why*! now, as i said, it's better than *ever*.

        keep up the great work! and best wishes for continued success.

        ps, do you make your own italian sausage there? it is good.
        and the stromboli, my sister and brother in law wish you'd bring back the large. i love the ratio of crust/dough to filling. it is perfect -- not too thick on the crust, so it is nice and *crusty* without being hard (it's still tender). LOVELY!!!

        1. re: alkapal

          I probably know your brother-in-law by face....I just have met so many customers through the years it's hard to remember the names.

          As to the sausage...I can't give up all my secrets! is homemade, but I can't take the credit for that. It is the one I used for over 20 years at the old location.

          Take care for now and Thanks again.


          1. re: ebab

            ebab, what about a return of the large stromboli? ;-).

            1. re: alkapal

              At the old location we only had the one size. There were times customers, when in a big party, would ask if we would make a larger one as an appetizer. Of course we accommodated them as long as they didn't mind to wait, it takes longer to cook. The large stromboli was really something that was started at the new location prior to me coming back. When I put the original menu back in place from the old location I accessed all of the menu items.....Thank goodness for Point of Sales Computers!! found it really wasn't a big seller. Most people would actually come in and split the original one. So there you have it....Monty's history of the of course now we still accommodate our customers requests when possible and to the best of all our efforts on all our dishes....

              Take care

              1. re: ebab

                thanks! best wishes. i hope you get more and more business, because you deserve it. the quality is great.

        2. re: ebab

          ebab, I'm sure you are very proud of your restaurant however I believe the first Monty's Pizza was the one in Clearwater. It started out as a deli around '84 or '85 and then the owner's decided to turn it into a pizza joint. It did very well and they opened a second in Pinellas Park and later a 3rd and 4th in Ft. Myers. I used to work there and when they sold the restaurant in Clearwater they sold the name and their recipes but it was never the same

          Old Monty's Restaurant & Pizzeria
          2310 Tamiami Trail Unit 3101 (Punta Gorda Crossings Shopping Center), Punta Gorda, FL 33950

          1. re: louieB

            i'm sure there are other people named monty who have pizza places, no? maybe it was from the monty's in clearwater. i was introduced to monty's in punta gorda many years ago by my brother in law. it was on 41 south of punta gorda, really. charley destroyed the building. in any event, and wherever the name comes from, the stromboli and pizza at the punta gorda monty's (new location) are terrific. every trip down to fort myers, i have to go to monty's.

            i just returned from fort myers, and the stromboli i had last week from monty's was the best ever. the dough wasn't too thick, there was no "air pocket," and the ingredients were plentiful and so fresh. dang -- i wish i could get them fed-x! (now that's an idea!!!).

            where were the monty's in fort myers? i grew up there and don't recall the name. (and i still don't know of a great pizza place in fort myers!).

            1. re: alkapal

              The 3rd restaurant was in Metro Mall and the 4th was actually in Cape Coral called Monk's. I not sure the Clearwater one is still around but that was the first location. Monty's isn't that common, but I wanted to know if they were the original owners from Clearwater, since EBAB mentioned he was the owner for the last 22 years... it's really a matter of whether or not this guy is taking credit for the actual original Monty's.

              1. re: louieB

                i don't think he is claiming any lineage from the clearwater chain. because, until you mentioned it in this connection, i'd never heard of the clearwater monty's chain, nor monk's in the cape.

                what did the restaurant look like in metro mall? i didn't frequent metro mall very often. was it a sit down place or more of a fast food place?

        3. The original comment has been removed
          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. it's as good as ever. here's a menu online.

              we love the "monty's special" pizza.