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Downward Spiral for Seoul Garden (34W32) or just an off day?

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I've recently been going to BCD for my fix of seafood soon doo bu, but returned yesterday to Seoul Garden, at which I have had many, many superb soon doo bu's over the years. Yesterday's was oily/greasy - I have never experienced that before anywhere, and was very turned off by it. Not sure if I want to give them a second chance given the high quality at BCD. Has anyone else had poor experiences at Seoul Garden recently, or is this just an anomaly that I should put down to a bad chef day?

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  1. I find that these guys are hit or miss (w/more hits than misses). I definitely notice when they have an off day, but 3 out of 4 times, they'll have an 'on' day.

    1. Last time I was at Seoul Garden was more than a year ago, and it wasn't so good. I've definitely had better soon dubu at BCD.

      Seoul Garden
      34 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

      BCD Tofu House
      17 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

      1. I was there last Sunday. I typically order the "Combination" but I decided to try something new and ordered the "Kimchee" variation instead. It was very very sour and very salty (much saltier than the "Combination" tofu" I usually order but then I thought maybe the "Kimchee" tofu is different since it's my first time ordering it at Seoul Garden although I have ordered it at other Korean places before)... Anyway, now you mentioned that they had an off day when you visited makes me wonder if I had visited on an "off" day too... I vaguely remember that the side dishes weren't as good as before and some of the kimchee were really limp and "old" tasting....but I will give them another chance in a few weeks just to confirm.

        1. seoul garden hasn't been good in probably 6 or 7 years when they changed ownership (actually used to be pretty decent back in the day), its just that it was the only soon doo bu specialist place for a really long time until BCD opened up and BCD is much better than seoul garden

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            And you get that awesome fried fish at bcd!