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May 6, 2009 07:00 AM

Best choices in Hamilton

My wife and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary in July and we're going back to Hamilton where we met at MAC. Thought it would be nice to enjoy a nice meal there, so what are some good choices for a nice meal? We haven't decided what to do with our toddler, so a few kid friendly places would be good too. We are good with any kind of cuisine, we only did fine dining once in Hamilton at some french place which was quite good, but I don't remember the name anymore! Thanks!

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  1. I went to Mac too!

    I really enjoyed Papagayo for Mexican, but I know there have been lots of other threads about Hamilton restaurants. You might want to try a search.


    1. If it was French and near McMaster, perhaps it was Bistro 1010?

      Near McMaster (going towards Ancaster) is It's All Greek To Me. It's not bad.

      For downtown, I think Thai Memory is a great restaurant and the atmosphere is beautiful. I think they can accommodate for a child but I've never had to inquire so it'd be best to ask.

      Wild Orchid is also delish for Portuguese food.

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        I suspect that the French restaurant was the late L'Escargot - located near the Delta. Gone but not forgotten.

        Good suggestions above to which I'll add La Cantina for Italian

        Seven Windows (no website) - French influenced food; located near Dundurn and Aberdeen but perhaps not so kid friendly.

        Dalina's for Egyptian/Middle Eastern

        The website for Papagayo is

        Finally, if you wanted a truly exceptional meal and were willing to adjust the parameters to include Burlington then I would recommend Blacktree restaurant
        Again, not so kid friendly but there has been quite a buzz lately on this board. The finest and most creative restaurant in the area, IMHO.

        1. re: Redshifted

          If you have a choice, I suggest going to Burlington. The selection and quality of restaurants is much broader than you would find in Hamilton. The suggestsion above are fine, nothing wrong with them but they don't dazzle.

          Blacktree is a great dining experience (it's on my top 5 list in my profile) but definitely not a place I would take kids to.

          Perhaps it's me, but I don't see going to a fine restaurant to celebrate an anniversary with a toddler in tow.... contradictory. (I'll probably get flamed for that one :)