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May 6, 2009 06:43 AM

vegetarian eats somewhere in boston! we want the good stuff...

vegetarian eats somewhere in boston! we want the good stuff...

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  1. Try the veggie tasting menu at Craigie on Main, it gets rave reviews.

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    1. re: kristinayee

      I'll second that. My wife is a vegetarian and Craigie on Main did a spectacular job on their veggie tasting menu when we've been.

      T. W. Food also does a great vegetarian tasting menu.

    2. VeeVee in Jamaica Plain has a half veggie-half pesco menu. Great wine and beer selection and isn't as expensive as its Boston counterparts.

      10 Tables in JP and now Cambridge does a really good veggie tasting menu.

      Upstairs on the Square's vegan tasting was great; however, they only offer it once every few weeks (check their website or

      There are other places where the veggie entrees are rather good -- like the bollito miso at Rendezvous (Central Sq, Cambridge) but there's not a lot of choice (relative to the meat part of the menu).

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        Also in JP, Bon Savor has some interesting veggie dishes and good salads and crepes.

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          Had the veggie tasting menu at Ten Tables Cambridge in March and found it really disappointing. Most of the dishes seemed like they took the regular tasting menu and removed the meat, leaving the side dishes. Perhaps the JP location has a better veggie tasting.

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            I've had the Veggie tasting menu at TT Cambridge 3 times now and could not disagree more. Every time it was inventive, interesting and clear that they are very dedicated to making the veggie menu stand alone quite distinct from the non-veggie version. Combined with their great service and wonderful wine selection, I think TT is one of the best veggie meals in town and a great value too.

        2. Oleana is great for vegetarians!

          1. The higher end restaurants all have nice selections of vegetarian foods and tastings. Most restaurants in Boston will offer a couple of choices (and not just pasta primivera!). Gezza is raw (I haven't been) and located in the NE. Grasshopper is Asian vegetarian but not my favorite. And that's just about it.

            Boston Vegetarian Society lists restaurants and resources

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              My Thai in Brookline is also Asian vegetarian and has a little better food and ambiance than Grasshopper. There is also a My Thai in Chinatown -- more spacious, but less ambiance, same menu. Some of My Thai's dishes are quite addicting...

              1. re: yarm

                Wow, I live in Brookline; never heard of My Thai; where is it?

            2. Two less expensive options:

              I just had the vegetarian combo platter today at Habesha in Malden. Not fancy, but very good. $12 will feed 2. Wash it down with some honey wine.

              Helmand in Cambridge has a vegetarian sampler that I remember enjoying too.

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              1. re: junior coyote

                If we are going outside the city, then Guru in Allston is fantastic and cheap (although it needn't be) with as many veg options as meat.

                I noticed that the OP also posted a similar question for Cambridge. Do you live here or are you planning a visit? If you want more specific recommendations, please provide more detail on cost, ambiance, cuisine, and location.

                1. re: alwayscooking

                  I only know Guru (Indian) in Somerville. What is the one in Allston?

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                    Opps - forgive my dyslexic geography , , , or mind

                2. re: junior coyote

                  Yes, the veggie offerings at Helmand make my veggie friends very happy!