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Whatever happened to pressed ham??

A couple of years ago, the deli at my local grocery said it had been discontinued.
Apparently, they meant that in a global sense: I've not been able to find it anywhere, even searching on-line.
Can someone help?

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  1. In wondering just *What* pressed ham was, I did a bit of looking; is this what you mean?

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      mcsheridan, my mouth started to water the moment I saw the picture!!

      A sandwich of pressed ham, Gulden's mustard, lettuce, tomato, and onion on pumpernickel bread -- heaven.

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        and swiss....don't forget the swiss.......

    2. That looks similar to what they call "ham sausage". Many companies still produce it in Canada.

      1. Maybe try going to a cheaper store. It is available ... almost... everywhere.

        1. I can't begin to tell you what went through my mind when I saw the topic of your post. Took me back to my ill-behaved youth and college pranks......

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                Googling "pressed ham" will result in some photos that are almost enough to make you lose your appetite -- almost! LOL

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                  There has to be another culinary term for "pressed ham". There is just no way I can hear those words and think anything other than.........

          1. quite a few years ago they change the name to berliner. back in western pennsylvania it came under the brand silver star

            1. I was looking for these the other day. They used to be in the meat section with the canned hams. I think they were just called ham patties. I couldn't find them.

              1. There is a place in Columbus, Ohio called Thurnemeats, they have it.

                1. Made eror on last post. It is Thurnmeats, no E .

                  1. why would anyone want such an unnatural and processed piece of fake meat?

                    why would anyone want such an unnatural and totally processed piece of what was at one time in another life actually part of a pigs leg?

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                        To make 'pressed ham' the meat packers take all the bones from the pigs that the 'cutters' have removed most of the meat from and some lucky immigrant literally blasts off the scraps of meat left on the bones using a high pressure air hose. (newer technology does this mostly by machine now days). These scraps end up on a tarp draped on the walls and floor. Then a snow shovel is used to put the scraps into large plastic barrels. The barrels are taken into another part of the plant. The scraps are weighed and a 'binder' is mixed in then dumped into a machine that forms your basic 'pressed ham' shape like you see in the delis. The 'hams' are wet cured and then cooked.
                        I'm guessing the 'binder' contains some form of gelatine and of course MSG and a 'colorant' and GOD knows what else the 'pork lobby' as talked the Government into allowing.
                        I don't mind eating 'pressed ham'. Then again I love a 'dirty-water' hot dog. Same basic idea in miniature.