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May 6, 2009 06:29 AM

Polish Appetizer Needed

My cooking club is having a meeting on Saturday night and the theme is Polish food, and I have to bring an appetizer. I've searched the internet and it seems that all of the appetizers are rather heavy. Please, any suggestions for a Polish appetizer that's not too heavy. Tia

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  1. Most Polish food is heavy. And I'm not sure this could be categorized as "light"...but how about little potato pancakes with smoked salmon?

    1. Is this too heavy? It's potato sorrel soup. Sounds similar to what they make at a local Polish restaurant. Unfortunately, everything I love in the Polish food category is heavy (kielbasa, pierogi, blintzes).

      1. Various marinated herring tidbits on quality rye, dark or corn w/ icy vodka or beer.

        1. When I was a young man, the Polish-American Club in my hometown used to serve bite-sized (maybe 2 bites) cabbage rolls. Same recipe as the big ones, but rolled much tighter using 1/2 a cabbage leaf (or less). Still not too light, but if one only has 2 or 3......

          1. You could make canap├ęs out of small rounds of a dark Polish bread topped with spicy mustard and a slice of sausage, ham or smoked bacon. You could also take dried Polish mushrooms, reconstitute them and make a light filling for croquettes (krokiety).