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May 6, 2009 06:08 AM

calphalond hard anodized- dishwasher?

can one put calphalon hard anodized cookware in the dishwasher? it's an old pan (though used for the 1st time last night) so i don't have the box. I don' think it's non stick.



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  1. Never! Get a can of Bar Keeper's Friend and hand wash. This is true for virtually all hard anodized cookware.

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    1. re: embee

      Bar Keeper's friend is a polish. Unless you plan on making your pots and pans pretty and spot free, go ahead and use it. For everyday use, simply wash your pan in soap and water by hand.

      I will agree that hard anodized should never touch the dishwasher. It will rip the anodized coating right off the surface.

      ...and not sure if it's just a typo, but the brand is Calphalon, not Calphalond.

      1. re: SQHD

        True. I should have phrased it as hand wash. Use Bar Keeper's Friend when hand washing isn't enough.

    2. Well, actually you CAN put it in the should hand wash whenever possible. It WILL survive an occasional trip through the dishwasher -- if you have friends and family over for the holidays, and they put it in with the dishes, there is no need to skold or take them out of the will.

      A trip through the dishwasher may cause a little staining or discoloration. The caustic detergents used in the dishwasher do wear down the anodized finish. If you toss in the dishwasher every time you use it, the finish will wear off and you will be left with a plain aluminum pot or pan. It will still be very useable, but it will be more reactive to acidic foods. And since the anodized finish is why you are paying the big bucks for Calphalon, it behooves you to be kind and avoid the dishwasher.

      BKF is vast overkill for cleaning Calphalon -- if food gets really cooked on, a soak overnight and a little dish soap does wonders. By the way, I would not use baking soda.

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      1. re: MikeB3542

        While you are 110% correct Mike, I will say that even one wash in the dishwasher will strip the pan of its oils and create an extremely "sticky" surface the next time you cook with it. While it does NOT season like cast iron or carbon steel, anodized aluminum does develop some seasoning with use and this is advantageous when cooking anything.

        1. re: MikeB3542

          I know someone that has put anodized pans (not Calphalon) through the dishwasher and they are not pretty. The anodizing is all gone and the pans are a whitish silvery plain aluminum. Like Mike said, they are still usable, but any benefit from the anodization is probably gone.

          I live 2 blocks from a Calphalon Culinary Center. The manager said they can tell if a pan has been through one dishwasher cycle. And with the price of these things, why risk it.

          I do have questions about BKF. My Calphalon One (original, not the nonstick version) gets stains on it that dishwashing detergent will not remove. It's not food stuck to the pan - the surface is smooth. It is a dark dull looking colouration wherever a piece of food has been browned or seared. I am reluctant to let it build up too much because I have read that it will eventually cause sticking.

          BKF removes the stain and returns the pan back to its original luster and sheen. Is BKF the only solution to this?

          Also I have noticed that Calphalon's new Unison, and All-Clad's latest version of LTD (both only available at Williams Sonoma) are dishwasher safe. Has anyone tried either of those products?

          Thx, Bruce

          1. re: MikeB3542

            Actually, the dishwasher isn't the problem. It's the DW detergents that wreck the finish.

          2. thanks everyone- I handwashed it- I was just wonderring. I'd never had a dishwasher before so i don't mind handwashing a few pans, though it was amazing to see the all clad stainless come out of there all shiny! and sorry for the typo.

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            1. re: qwerty78

              No need to apologize for a typo! ;-) I was just making sure... some people develop ideas of how things are spelled/how they sound and they don't even know they're wrong.

              Anyway, another item to address for anyone else who may read this is that if you put it in the dishwasher you WILL void the warranty. Here's a quote from the Calpahlon website which outlines all use and care instructions for all their pots and pans.


              Do not clean Calphalon hard-anodized cookware in a dishwasher. Dishwasher detergents will damage the surface. Dishwasher use will void your Lifetime Warranty."


              1. re: SQHD

                The point is there are lots of really good reasons not to put an anodized pot or pan in the dishwasher -- just saying it happens and the world won't end.

                I bet most people find themselves with a mountain of pots and pans in the sink after a dinner party and at least think, "Why not just pitch it in the dishwasher?" Regrets, you know, are for the morning after.

                Just know that because you get away with it once or twice doesn't mean that nothin bad is happening!

                (Yikes, I'm reading my post over...just to clarify, I am talking about Calphalon cookware, though the lesson seems to apply well to other things!)