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May 6, 2009 05:31 AM

lunch off Rt. 95 South from T. F. Green Airport to Fairfield, CT

Looking for a lunch spot off Route 95 Souith in R.I. Picking up son from T.F. Green Airport and heading toward Fairfield, CT. Thanks

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  1. Oooooooooh, Tastings in Mystic...easy on/off the highway. Come to think of it, there's a recent thread that should give you other good ideas:

    1. When we fly out of TF Green, we always eat at Walt's Roast Beef. It's a fast-food kind of joint, but the sanwiches are made to order and are fabulous - tender, grilled bun... yum. They also make perfect fries - crunch outside, fluff inside.

      The place is in a seedy shopping plaza about 1/4 mile from the entrance to the airport. There's a Bickford's pancake place out in front.

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        couple of good spots not far from 95 in Old Say brook - what are you interestedi n?

        simple bistro?

        1. Hit the taco trucks on the south side of 95 along the water in New Haven (I guess it's West Haven). Pretty good eats, good variety, and close to the highway. Exit 46 to Long Wharf Rd.

          1. 1149 restaurant, East Greenwich is very good and right off the highway. If it were me I would stop in Mystic or Stonington. There are some very nice spots there, neither are that far from 95.

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              1149? Really? I've only eaten there for lunch (3-4 times) and have never been impressed with the food, no matter how lovely the decor. What have you ordered there that you have really enjoyed?

              1. re: thinks too much

                I guess not that thrilling but I love their spinach salad and I have had their pizza and it is pretty good. I have also been there with other people and their food seemed pretty good. I would not say it is one of my favorite restaurants but it is convenient for that area.

                1. re: Alica

                  Thanks! I had one of their salads and thought it was pretty disappointing (cafeteria grade presented on a stylish plate), but I'll probably have to go back some time. I'll try the pizza.

                  1. re: thinks too much

                    Really! I had their spinach salad with huge chunks of avocado, pumpkin seeds, nice dressing, I forget what else was on it , but you must frequent some exceptional cafeterias.
                    The pizza is good, like I said, if you live in the 1149 area it is pretty good without having to drive far. I have had better pizza but sometimes it is just convenient to have a nice plce close by.