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May 6, 2009 04:50 AM

Galacian Seafood ordered on-line?

While watching the travel channel, I became intriqued with the Spanish tapas offerings from Galica. It seems it's quite common in Spain to serve seafood from a can, and the Galica region is supposed to have the best. I couldn't find anything on-line, then Saveur magazine came out with an article and a source, so I ordered the Los Pepperettes mussels in vinegar sauce. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this brand. Latienda has a warehouse in Virginia so products delivered in the US are distributed from there. Shipping wasn't bad either $6.50 to Boston.

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  1. I live in Madrid and we eat canned mussels all the time (it's a typical aperitivo or snack--you put a few on a plate and scoop them up with a potato chip). Though it's also easy to make your own (here they sell the mussels already shucked... not sure if they do in the US). There are lots of different brands and most brands offer different sized mussels (you can tell by the count of mussels in the can--6-8 vs. 8-10 vs. 10-12) ranging in price from 2 euros a can to 10 euros for a can. I think los Peperetes falls somewhere in the middle. Other good preserved seafood: berberechos (cockles), bonito del norte (tuna--from the basque country), anchoas de la escala from Catalunya, melva, and a million different kinds of sardines. You often find these kinds of conservas in mariquerías (seafood bars) to complement their other fresh offerings.

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      Thank you so much for the info! I thought I would start with the mussels and next time try the razor clams or possibly the gooseneck barnicles. The latter of which go for $64 a can! I'm really looking forward to trying the mussels. I don't believe I've ever seen shucked mussels here (Boston area). Generally, I buy a bag (2.5 lbs) from the local shop, but they come from Prince Edward Island.

    2. Just as an update -- Most of the items I ordered were received within 3 days. The mussels were on back order but, Latienda was very good about keeping me informed as to the status, and they were received less than 2 weeks later. As for the mussels themselves, I'm glad I had the opportunity to try them. Lots of flavor with a heavier texture than I expected. We scooped them up with chips and a nice glass of wine. I would definitely place an order with latienda again.

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        I've always been pleased with La Tienda as well. I'm going to look into those mussels. I've been to their location in Williamsburg and the people who run it are very nice.