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May 6, 2009 04:17 AM

The Restaurant School on Walnut Street

Has anyone eaten there recently? How does it compare as a restaurant?

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  1. I was there about a year ago, and overall really liked it. The main dining area is set up like a European courtyard and is really quite pretty and unique. They offered a 3 course fixed price menu, the food was pretty good. I recall the desserts were extroadinary, you could tell the pastry students enjoyed getting creative. Service was a bit "green" but friendly, it is the students that run the entire place. Small decent wine list. Considering the price, I beleive less than $30/pp for 3 courses, it was really good. I think they offer a more inexpensive "italian" menu with just pasta and a more expensive "high end" menu. They are served in different areas of the restaurant and I peeked at those and, eh. I'd go with the European courtyard, atmosphere really made it a nice experience.

    1. I went to school there and although biased, I don't think you'll find better food anywhere for the price. Yes, it is a teaching environment but the teachers who are guiding the students have serious credentials as chefs.

      1. my son the "chef" went to camp there--we ate at the restaurant a year ago --the food is great; the service is students. ("Do youse want more water?") We still laugh b/c when my husband asked about the fish... it was "black fish" or something else he had never heard of, the waiter said "It's a fish, it's from the ocean, it's black..." The food was quite good, and as I remember, the price was a bargain. It was prix fixe for 3 courses and when they did the bill it was like $18 a person !?