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May 5, 2009 10:42 PM

Dosas in Philly?

I'm craving delicious delicious dosas - anywhere know anywhere in Philly? I'm reliant on public transport but don't mind a bit of walking as well.

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  1. I was curious reading your question so googled it. There appear to be a couple of choices...but since I've never been to philly I can't say what's good! ;) might help a little more here. :) Good luck!

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      There aren't any South Indian places in the city, perhaps out in the 'burbs. Had dosas a few times at New Samosa--first time was great, 2nd time not so good. I think Cafe Spice does mini dosas as an appetizer

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        hello soohum
        Your posts about silver lined cooking pans caught my attention..i have 4 fabulous silver lined pots with silver line covers...2 casseroles and 2 saute pans...i cannot find any information about them and why they were desired by some. i know silver is pure..i get a kick out of using them carefully. i bought them while woking in cambridge ma in a fabulous kitchen arts store.

        would love to hear from you...
        I love dosa too, studied in ny with julie sahni,learning indian food...her food was over the top delicious and not what is found in what we call
        Indian..I think they need to know how to educate the customer and probably with good reason do not.I te ach cooking and lots of people are so intimidated by cooking they might make it difficult for waiters to discussthe food..

        Hope you see this and respond.

      2. I know there is a bus along Ridge Pike above Rt. 363 in Trooper where we have the new Dosa Hut and Chat House. I went there when they first opened over a year ago but have yet to have either dosas or chats.


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          I am not a dosa expert, but I know that they have them at Cafe Spice in the food court at Liberty Place. A friend had one & it is NOT an appeizer-size -- it's the big 'un.

        2. I have had the masala dosa at Tandoor India in University city.

          1. Cafe Spice has them in the liberty place food court between Market and Chestnut. Very easily accessible by public transport. But it's like 6 bucks for one dosa. The only time I've ever had them was as a complementary part of a vegetarian Indian buffet, so I don't really know how those prices stack up, but I thought it was expensive when I saw it on the menu.

            1. anyone been to Uduppi Dosa House in Bucks county? I've heard good things but havent been yet..any opinions?