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My dog says "Damn you Chowhound!"

OK, I've been hanging out here at Chowhound for about 2 months now. And it's changing the way I cook and make the most of the food I buy. Tonight I was tearing apart a rotisserie chicken for chicken enchiladas. My husky, Sasha, and one of my cats were waiting, expecting the usual pieces of skin and fat tossed to them as I worked.

I used to divide up my rotisserie chicken into 3 piles -- usable chicken meat, waste to be given to the animals, and a pile destined for the garbage.

Well, I'd just read a recipe on Chowhound for chicken and stuffing and was planning to use half the chicken for that. And, thanks to the Hounds influence, I'd also started using the chicken carcass and the messy bits for stock. So Sasha and her kitty accomplice didn't get their usual share --They work together -- the two of them last week had pushed a baggie of dried porcini mushrooms off the kitchen counter (cat) and eaten it (dog).

Anyway, I used almost the whole rotisserie chicken for the humans in the house and the poor animals were left to curse the day I started hanging out with you all on Chowhound.


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  1. You can still let them help with the dishwashing :)

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      If they lick the plates clean, it saves time.

    2. Awww... you could still save them a couple of yummy bites!!! My dogs have to compete with hubby & me for the skin, though! ;-)

      1. Buy two chickens. Problem solved.

        1. On the evenings when I make stock, my dog doesn't settle down until I strain it and put it away in the fridge, knowing that he'll get some scraps and maybe a bowl to lick. He doesn't seem to mind whether the bits of skin and meat have given their all to the stock or not.

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            paulj- I could have written your post. I do mine in the crockpot so the pup smells it all night. The meat has given up everything but he still likes it. I usually get several baggies of meat bits that I label "dog" and stash in the freezer.

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              I want to be a fly on the wall the day someone who doesn't live in your house decides to get some ice and spies the meat baggies labeled "dog" in the freezer. ;)

          2. Awww... give them a few scraps anyway. They don't need a whole chicken but I always feel mean if the cats don't get at least a taste...

            1. "Tonight I was tearing apart a rotisserie chicken for chicken enchiladas." A wonderful sentence. Sounds like an entry in the "Bulwer Lytton Contest" for bizarre opening lines to a novel!

              You're going to have to buy more chicken next time. We've always lived with cats, and one of our current crop, Clementine, is a tailless loudmouthed wonder who informed us four years ago that she.... lives... here. We have taken to putting her outside when we're cooking or eating chicken because the noise she makes as she demands the plates is unbelieveable. In fact, if we cant see her, we yell "Chickie ChickIEEEEEEE" and she comes running.

              1. My Publix and Sweetbay (FL) sell the rotisseries 1/2 off late at night. I never buy any that sit a long time, but some that have a late like 6-7 pm time I find are ok. Not the best, but heck for the price, they are great for quesadillas, tacos, chicken salad, etc. Not bad and I have never got a bad one. However it does depend on your local markets. I only trust 2 stores and they have always been good, but high volume so I think turnover was great therefore not much stayed in the store too long.

                No dogs other than the one who I baby sit, but my cats, they always expect chicken when I get it. All three sitting on the counter. I try to save some for them, spoiled I know. Pets are like kids.

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                  I'm just up I-75 from you, and the Publix rotisserie chickens are on sale this week, $4.99 chilled, $5.99 warm. (I guess chilled means cooked yesterday). I used to brag that my latin market had roasted chickens that resembled bowling balls with wings, for 6 bucks with a pound of fresh tortillas, but lately the chickens are the size of duckpin bowling balls. The lemon pepper roasters at Sweetbay are pretty good.
                  Sam has me hooked on the Lincoln log chicken, but we don't fire up the oven during a Florida summer, so Publix it is. I have had my fill of chicken salad with grapes and walnuts, but my "sloppy Jose" chicken with onions, peppers, and mole sauce still has legs.

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                    I don't buy them all the time, but now an then, not all that bad, my Publix on Clark and Sweetbay put the ones done in the afternoon not sold on sale late that night if not sold. I actually know someone who works in the Deli and he confirmed it, but who knows.

                    Overall, the Publix and Sweetbay are not that bad. Great to chop up and use for for misc recipes like you said, chicken salad with grapes is great. Now Sloppy Jose sounds good. I make one with chipoltes, chicken, tomatoes, onions and then top with avacado, onions and monterey jack. Similar. But I don't mind picking them up and besides my cat loves them

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                      "my latin market..."

                      Not Acapulco Tropical? Haven't been there in a while, but regardless of the current dimensions of their chickens, I wish I could find an equally glorious market here in North Tampa. That place is heaven.

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                        That's it. I bought my leg of goat there, and the chicharrones the size of ladies' hats.

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                          Thanks for the inspiration. I'm head south for Mother's Day this weekend. Goat curry (Indian) might just be on the menu. Found your thread on the subject. Gotta plan a menu now... should probably hit up one of the Indian markets up here first, ain't nothin that compares in the 941.

                  2. just remind the fur-kids that chowhounds Looooovvveee cheese.

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                      Hey, my kitties love cheese,especially grated cheese which I try to buy low fat for me,but the pets like it too. We don't have Publix around San Antonio. I used to buy Tyson who roast chickens and use them for tacos, chicken salad,etc, but you can't buy them anymore at the store here, unless the Albertson in New Braufels sells them.
                      I don't like the H.E.B. fully cooked roast chicken you buy from the meat case,where they sell their cooked pot roast, carnitas, etc.I think it's because of the skin. I think they must smoke them first, then roast them because that's what they remind me of.They sell for $5.99.Now their roast ones from the deli
                      taste like something i would roast at home in the oven, but they cost a dollar more.Sweet Sue who makes chicken and dumplings, canned chicken etc. has a whole chicken canned in broth.I may purchase one sometime to try it out.

                      I have shared some left over chicken or pot roast with my little love bugs , but never the bones for the reason mentioned.

                    2. I actually give my dogs the spent solids after I make stock. Toss 'em in the mixer and they turn into kind of a paste (the solids, not the dogs).

                      Note: chicken bones can cause choking, or even intestinal perforation. If you're going to feed them to your dog, make sure they're cooked until they crumble easily.

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                      1. re: alanbarnes

                        Never thought to do that with the bones - my cat survives off the pickings alone. CH may benefit my kitty after all.

                      2. Great post!

                        The next step is to roast the chicken yourself!

                        1. We've removed some posts that solely discussed posters' pets' tastes in food, or what they feed their pets. We understand that you love your pets, and your pets love food, but despite the "hound" in Chowhound, food for pets is off-topic for the site. Please keep the discussion to feeding people. Thanks.