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May 5, 2009 09:32 PM

Father's day suggestions...

Hey all, My brother and I are taking our dad and his wife to a show on fathers day at the Oriental theater. Any suggestions for dinner afterward. Somewhere nice, but not stuffy that is nearby. He has trouble walking, so somewhere close would be ideal...Thanks Lana!

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  1. Petterino's ( ) is a very good steakhouse right across the street, and Atwood Cafe ( ) is an excellent contemporary American restaurant a block south of the theater. You can make reservations for either one at (as well as by calling them, of course).

    For more recommendations in the vicinity of the Oriental Theater (also known as the Ford Center for the Performing Arts), as well as the nearby Chicago Theater and Cadillac Palace Theater, see these two topics:

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      Thanks, those seem to be what metromix and the broadway in chicago websites recommond too. I was hoping to see if there were other places around there that I am missing...But I will check out the websites too. Thanks again!

      1. re: kabbalah72

        Those are the closest and they are both very good.

        If you prefer seafood, Catch 35 ( ) is a couple blocks north of the theater - obviously just a bit further.