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May 5, 2009 08:51 PM

Near Verizon, not in Bayou Place, and quick (HOU)

We have tickets to a concert at the Verizon soon, and I'm trying to think of a good, nearby place to eat that could get us in and out in time for the 8:00 show even if we can't get downtown until after 6:00. I don't really want to resort to Hard Rock Cafe or Birraporetti's, and frankly I've never heard anything good about some of the other restaurants in Bayou Place. Does the Angelika still serve food? They used to have good little pizzas and such, but I heard they had stopped serving food. Thanks--

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  1. District 7 Grill is not exactly around the corner, but it isn't too far away and they have good food, and good service. Zorra, this is not a typical burger type place. i think you would like it. They have 2 locations, so you would want the one on Pierce St. I haven't been there, but when the one in Chinatown was open on weekends we went a couple times (awhile back) and liked it.

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      Looks interesting, and it's a new place to me. Thanks!