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May 5, 2009 08:29 PM

I must be Romeo

Cause I just had Juliet.
A Belgian Style Sour Ale, from Goose Island, aged in Cabernet barrels with blackberries.
While normally a hophead, I've been enjoying branching out into some of the interesting things breweries are doing. At least those I'm lucky enough to get hold of. I'm finding I enjoy the slighty sour beers quite a bit. I have a bottle of La Folie, and a Saison with Brett on hand for this weekend
Juliet was a bit lighter tasting than I was imagining, but nicely tart, with a very laid back winey undertone. I was able to enjoy the entire bottle, as the other 3 people in the house were taken a bit off guard by it, and declined more than a sip. Sweet! Very fun offering from Goose Island, but at 17.00 for a 22oz bottle, it won't be habit forming. I do wish to meet Juliets sister, Sophie, so that's another quest.

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