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May 5, 2009 07:53 PM

Grill Rental for Pig Roast

I am searching for a large grill that I can rent for Memorial Day weekend. I would prefer it to have a lid so I can wood smoke it. I've been searching through party rentals but many of the listed grills are propane. Last summer the Bells Brewery had a pig roast and the two grills used were perfect. See photo.

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    1. re: ferret

      Ah yes, the Caja China roasting box. I was considering that as a solution but I was hoping to have a grill that would wood smoke the pig which the Caja China box isn't designed to do. Thanks for the suggestion. Anyone else out there know of a good place to rent a grill large enough for a 100 pound swine?

      1. re: Librarian Aaron

        My friend rented a large charcoal grill for a party.I'll see if I can get the info for you.How long is a 100LB pig?The reason I'm asking weber makes a huge kettle grill I think is 40" round.I always thought it would cook a small hog wonderful.The same guy that rented the grill has cost about a grand though.

    2. has a 2' x 6' charcoal rotisserie pig roaster.

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