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May 5, 2009 07:17 PM

Heidelberg Eateries?

we'll be spending a couple of days this summer in Heidelberg...any eating recommendation...quality much more important than price...mahalo nui loa for your kokua

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  1. Since there aren't a lot of posts on Heidelberg here, I'm going to "recommend" a place that I really enjoyed when I was there almost ten years ago, that you might at least want to look into:

    Address: Ingrimstr. 16, Heidelberg
    Phone: 06221/183-336

    I recall the food, service and ambiance to be excellent, with some interesting German wines, including some reds. Sorry that I can't help with a more recent recommendations. I hope you'll post back though after your trip.

    Here's another rec. -

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    1. re: MMRuth

      I am going to be in Heidelberg for a couple of days in very early July. I've not been to Germany before, so was after a recommendation withing easy walk or public transport. We haven't done a lot of research as we are relying on friends who live close by for entertainment - but we still have a couple of meals to fill.

      Probably looking for something traditional rather than modern international (we have a month in Europe, so lots of France and Spain) and we are trying to keep to a moderate budget.

      Any suggestions? Michelin recommends Weinstube Jagerlust which appears to be on a tramline - there's a couple of other places but I don't know about public transport.

      Any help appreciated.

      1. re: mr_gimlet

        Unfortunately - that's my one tip! Hope you have a wonderful time - lived there as a child as well and it's a beautiful city. If you want a couple of non-chow tips that you might not hit otherwise, feel free to email me - address in my profile.

      1. re: Behemoth

        I've been staying in Heidelberg at least once a year on business for almost twenty years. Over time I think I've tried about everything. I have yet to find a restaurant that was noteworthy although there are several that I enjoyed the ambience of. If you have a rental car you may want to consider driving down the A 5 about 100 or so km and turning off for Baiersbronn. This little village in the Black Forest has perhaps the two best restaurants in Germany, Bareiss and Schwarzwaldstube. They each have three Michelin stars. Bareiss will require a month's advance notice for a reservation and Schwarzwaldstube, arguably, is more difficult to get into than El Bulli. Each is well worth the effort and the drive.

        Heidelberg will have nothing memorable however.

        1. re: Joe H

          sounds great ...we'll give them your regards

      2. I was in Heidelberg this past weekend, and I had a pretty decent lunch at Vetter ( I think they are better known for their beer, and that was certainly the most memorable part of the meal. Also, they serve a beer that is apparently in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the highest alcohol percentage: 33%. Didn’t get a chance to try it.

        Another place that was recommended (but I wasn’t able to make it to) was Zum Roten Ochsen (The Red Ox Inn:

        You may also want to try the nearby town of Schwetzingen. There are a few restaurants near the entrance to the palace gardens. I tried the Brauhaus (, and it was also pretty good – although the beer wasn’t that memorable.

        In both Heidelberg and Schwetzingen , beyond the expected sausages (bratwurst, etc.) and schnitzel, I saw a fair amount of “liver balls” (leberknodel) and, um… stomach sausage (saumagen)?

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        1. re: rastan

          If I recall correctly, Schwetzingen is famed for white asparagus when it is available in the spring.

          1. re: MMRuth

            I believe it. I saw a few different images of white asparagus in Schwetzingen, plus in front of the Brauhaus there is a statue of a woman gathering asparagus. In the Netherlands, it’s also pretty popular in the springtime.

            Personally, I think the “white gold” is far inferior to green asparagus. It reminds me of the children’s book Bunnicula, with a vampire rabbit that fed by sucking the juices out of vegetables. Yep, white asparagus tastes like it has had the life sucked out of it. Still, I guess it’s okay in soup.

            1. re: rastan

              Respectfully, but I could not disagree with you more. Spargel is sweeter than green asparagus; I would use the analogy of sweet white corn to yellow corn.

              1. re: rastan

                Oh boy. Them are fightin' words to any hot-blooded German. Like this one.

                Spargel beats green asparagus by miles. It does depend on how you prepare it, I guess. Green asparagus is better for grilling or roasting, b/c of its general lack of flavor.

                White -- only needs to be steamed, and served with drawn butter, fresh parsley, new potatoes and smoked ham. Or just with butter. Yowzah.

                Only ... 9 more months till spargel season. Damn.

          2. This is probably too late for you but will help out anyone else that wants to find good places to eat. I live in Heidelberg and I LOVE good food. Here are a few of the places I definitely recommend.

            I agree with the post on Simplicissimus, it is one of my favorites.

            Weisserbock Restaurant

            Goldener Anker

            Schwarz Das Restaurant