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May 5, 2009 06:48 PM

Sukiyabashi Jiro

Hi there
I'm trying to book a table/seat at Sukiyabashi Jiro. They only take English guests are their Roppongi shop - does anyone know if its as good as the Ginza one? It doesnt feature in the michelin guide.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I don't know if every single piece of fish is exactly the same, but I'd guess that Roppongi would be a much better overall experience, given that so much of the sushi experience is chatting with the chef.

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    1. re: Robb S

      Thanks for the advice- I just want to make sure that if I'm spending $350 on sushi then its worth it.

      1. re: olly78

        Sukiyabashi Jiro at Roppongi Hill charges about Yen 17-20,000 per person, so it is much less than your budget US$350.

        1. re: FourSeasons

          Thanks - I see that lunch is cheaper as well (12000)
          I will try and get a reservation - though its going to haunt me that I'm not going to the Ginza branch.

    2. I ate dinner there (Roppongi Jiro) last week of April. Also Kyubei, RyuGin, and Mizutani. Food and yenwise, I would rank Jiro last among these admittedly great choices, and wish I could have tried Ginza branch. Total cost with 180ml daiginjyo sake 34,400 yen (Jiro), 24,000 (Kyubei, RyuGin), 20,000 (Mizutani). I questioned the bill, but chef suddenly forgot how to speak English. RyuGin, also in Roppongi, is in a class of its own!
      Suggest you check out Exile Kiss' blog and review of Mizutani.

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      1. re: alt.

        Had you ordered a prix-fixe menu at Jiro?

        1. re: Robb S

          So I actually booked at Roppongi but I'm suddenly concerned - will report back on my experience.

          Also going to Sushi Mizutani later in the week.

          Thanks for everyone's help.

          1. re: Robb S

            I asked the hotel concierge to make reservations at all 4 by phone 1 mo. prior to my arrival in Japan. Admittedly, I only specified time and # persons. I assumed the price range based on other peoples writeups (see 4 seasons/ tokyo sushi/ chowhound, for example) and website, if any.

            1. re: alt.

              Hi alt:

              I did the same thing as you do but paid around Yen 17-20k per person. For the amount Yen 35k that you paid at Sukiyabashi, did you order any sashimi/sushi on ala carte basis? How many sashimi and sushi are included in that meal?

              1. re: FourSeasons

                No a la carte. Based on my photos, 4 or 5 sashimi, 9 or 10 sushi, 1 delicious tamago, nearly on par with Mizutani's. I don't mean to put S. Jiro food quality down in any way, but note AMRX concurs.

                1. re: alt.

                  For that quantity and not on ala carte basis, even for high end sushi, that is a very expensive meal...for that price, i thought you had 10 sashimi and 15 sushi.

          2. re: alt.

            I found the Roppongi Jiro very expensive and inferior to, for example, Kyubei..I would never return. Ryugin, though not a sushi restaurant, was excellent and very pleasant.

            1. re: amrx

              Amrx, you didn't say when you were there, but 2 wks. ago RyuGin was only offering a single menu at 23k yen and, while I found the look, smell and taste of everything to be superb, I did not get the molecular items and foie gras described in the Chowhound review, nor did I get the mango, peach and strawberry teas until I discreetly inquired whether they still offered them. What was your experience like?
              I plan to attach photos after I convert them from NEF files.

              1. re: alt.

                I have been to the Sukiyabashi at Roppingi Hill 4 to 5 times and have never paid more than Yen 20,000 per person though I have not been back there in the last 2 years. So I am really surprised at the amount alt paid. Also I have a different opinion from amrx based on the one visit to Kyubei Ginza 2 years ago; I was actually quite disappointed so never return again.

                1. re: FourSeasons

                  I've never paid that much at Jiro (either location) either.

                2. re: alt.

                  Hi alt. :

                  I think Ryugin changes its menu every month, so you won't be able to try the dishes that others had who visited there on a different month.

                  1. re: alt.

                    I dined with a Japanese business colleague at Ryugin last October. We chose the lower priced menu which was about 21000 yen, No alcohol. The chef came out to bid us farewell, We chatted, with translation help, for a surprising length of time..

                    1. re: alt.

                      I don't mean to drift off from Jiro thread but I wanna add that the flavoured teas you mentioned, is all available at Lupicia. RyuGin staff would have given you the shop card if you were curious, I checked Lupicia's site and they even ship overseas now. (they have an outlet store in Daikanyama if you don't want to spend so much on tea)

                      As for "cost performance", or "CP" as we local people like to use that term often, if you are a big eater, RyuGin would be a far better value-for-money experience. They always ask if you want "okawari" for rice&miso soup set, and if you keep saying yes, they have five or six versions of different rice/noodle offerings for same course price. I've seen some local blogs that reported it but can't find the page..for now : -( , I got a link to the recent review that might have been similar to what you had?

                      1. re: dUvUb

                        Thanks for the Lupicia suggestion--nice one. Great link, too. My RyuGin photos aren't ready yet, but there they are!
                        Getting back to the thread, I also answered Four Seasons query of May 9 (see above).

                3. Can anyone else verify the price of the Omakase (without Sake) at Jiro as of late? I was gonna go back but if it's in the 34, 400 range I may just skip out on that and go somewhere else.

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                  1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                    I paid around 27500円 at Ginza last time I was there for dinner; I think prices have been increasing (or just completely random), as a friend reported paying a little over 30000円. I've usually paid around 20000円 at lunch though.

                    The Roppongi location is quite a bit cheaper, though my recent visits have been to the Ginza location only. I seriously doubt you'd pay more than 20000円 for lunch at Roppongi, more likely less than 15000円, and dinner should definitely be under 30000円.

                    1. re: tjr

                      Thanks for the info buddy, much appreciated.

                      1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                        One nice thing about these posts is that there is always something to learn. In my case, if it helps someone to know they should verify beforehand the omakase cost, my post will have been worthwhile. It would be nice to know what amrx paid, as he had the same experience at Roppongi Jiro.

                        1. re: alt.

                          Yeah, for sure. Especially regarding Japan as it changes so much from month to month and season to season. It's definitely good to have people reporting back to this board.

                  2. We are not speeking about the bottom up here, the sukiyabashi jiro is to be prepared before eating there. You want to understand sushi in Tokyo ? The Edo period in Nihonbashi the sushi was a fast food and a good one. You will eat sushi has never been prepared : the rice has a vinegar accent, not as suhi in Kansai who is sweetened, the order and the chef thoughtful to have the temperature to each of it.
                    I felt great after and will work hard to go again eat some sushi at another season.
                    My little precious.... time to continue

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                    1. re: Ninisix

                      Rain days, typhon day... I woke up and wanted to go again to his Sushi SUKIYABASHI JIRO but could'nt make a call and ask if they're regularly open or have the same choice even with the choice on fish market that can be difficult : rain, eutrophication, ..., And I just went to see and that was great. I spoke with the chef very openly but a bit ashamed of my bad behoviour. The menu hss changed slightly and would like to again every times it will changed. Can t ask them to mail me right ? How they will accomodate the "tako", the "saba", ... each one is so tasty and I keep the menu each time

                      1. re: Ninisix

                        This sushi quest is a way to understand "sushis" in eating in the same sushi place. Many sushi aficionado have a preference on a sushi place and in returning in the liking place... they discover things. I went a 3rd time to SUKIYABASHI JIRO in Ginza. I know... it might be a too exclusive one... The sushi pieces are so made to fit exactly : neta and shari. Some places, we say the akagai are good here with this red vunegar, the hirame is great wiith this sweat one,... all is on the match of each pieces... 20 in fact. and jsut tea. One day I will start a list of a one year sushi list. How many times a year ? I don't know... It is not the 1st one, I am doing this. It is too much ?