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May 5, 2009 05:07 PM

The Costco Burger Plate, $5.99

The Costco food courts have entered the burger fray, and it is huge!
An 8 oz Angus burger, on a bun with lettuce, tomato, a cheddar slice, and a pickle. Fries and drink included. The burgers come frozen from a central kitchen, and are cooked medium, and reheated .
I haven't tried it, but reports are mixed, so you'll have to try it yourself when you have a burger craving.

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  1. Nice! There's something ritualistic about going to Costco, eating samples and then finishing off with a stop at the snack bar.


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    1. re: wontonfm

      I hear that! The chocolate ice cream cones are my guilty pleasure!

      1. re: tj2007

        My guilty pleasure is a hot dog from Costco. I eat them maybe once a year.

        1. re: SusanB

          Its a weekly affair for me, haha.

        1. re: Crispy skin

          I think you missed the sarcasm in DT's post.

      1. Anyone seen these in Ontario yet? If so please note which location.

        I heard these were in Alberta a week or two ago. I was at costcly a few days ago and no burger yet.

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        1. re: szw

          They are in the Ajax location. I may get back there tomorrow or Friday to taste one. The interesting thing is that they cook 8 oz burgers centrally and distribute them frozen, just like French fries, baguettes, and croissants. If they can produce a good burger this way (and 8 oz may be the key), then other fast food places will follow.

          1. re: szw

            I saw them at the Newmarket location

            1. re: professor plum

              Yep, had one today.

              First of all, lets consider one thing. This is a burger that is cooked and then held in a steam tray. It's also a preformed angus burger. Now, all that said, it's pretty good. It's a simply seasoned beefy tasting and it wasn't dry. It wasn't dripping with juices but it was moist. Someone else complained about cheese not melting because it was on top of the lettuce and tomato. I told them to hold the LT and the cheese was put right on the burger. It melted nicely. It's real cheese too. Not a processed slice.

              All in all, it beats the crap out of most burgers you're gonna get from the chains. Especially these new "Gourmet" chains. Half the price of Hero and 7 million times better.


              1. re: Davwud

                I agree DT, it's worth the 5.99. It's pretty similar to a burger you'd get at Kelsey's, Jack Astor's etc, for more than half the price, since it comes with a drink.

                Was the cheese real? I thought it was a processed slice.

                I liked the romaine lettuce and I had 2 large thick slices of tomatoe (not the end piece either). I think next time, I'll ask them to put the cheese on first, then the L&T, or leave the L&T on the side, and then the cheese will melt nicely.

                I had the Hero burger once, and that was enough!

                1. re: red dragon

                  I had it for lunch today also since I work by a Costco. Definitely worth 5.99, much better than any fast food outlet. Better than the cheap burgers you'd get at an average pub but definitely not as good as the better fresh burgers available at some places. Cheese was real. My bun was way too tiny and looked funny on top of the burger.

                  I probably won't order this burger often when I'm at costco unless I was really hungry (it was really huge...)

          2. I had it last night at the Kirkham location in Markham. I wondered how they cooked them since I didn't see a grill. I asked one of the managers who said they put them through the pizza oven, so they are baked. Then, they are kept warm with the bun in a warmer. It was a good deal, as the burger was really big, however, it was dry (not a greasy burger if that's what you're looking for, as in a diner burger), and the edges were quite overdone and crispy. It came with a pack of mayo, but no pickle. Also, they slapped the cheese on "top" of the lettuce and tomato, so it had no chance of melting. The lettuce was romaine, so I give them some credit, and the tomato slices were large and very fresh (2). A good deal as it came with fries and a drink as Jayt90 mentioned. Just wish the burger wasn't so overdone. Also, this particular angus burger is not available at Costco, the manager said they bring them in from elsewhere.

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            1. re: red dragon

              The Cardinal Angus burgers are not all that good. I ended up with some that someone brought to my house over the weekend. I ate them, but would never, ever buy them.


              1. re: Davwud

                Cardinal Meats has about 49 different grades of burgers, they also have a retial outlet. You can get burger consisting of really good ground beef, all the way down to don't you dare ask!

                1. re: Danybear

                  I was at Apache Burger tonight, and noticed the kid taking the burgers from a Red & White "Cardinal" box

            2. The original comment has been removed