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May 5, 2009 05:04 PM

Ogunquit, ME and environs this weekend

We're headed to Maine with the kids (8 and 4) this weekend and looking for inexpensive to moderately priced spots for lunches and dinners. We would like to do at least one dinner of lobster and steamers, and the kids will happily eat both. Is the Ogunquit Lobster Pound open now and/or is there a better or more reasonably priced place for a lobster dinner? We're particularly interested in restaurants in Ogunquit for dinner, and restaurants in Freeport, Portland, York (taking the kids to the arcade by the beach), Wells, Kennebunkport, and Ogunquit for lunch.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Ogunquit Lobster Pound is overpriced, overcrowded, with astoundingly mediocre food, and totally not worth going. It's better to go to shacks that are usually around the water. Prices are usually better, so is the food. :) I'm trying to remember some names of places normally recommended here but I'm coming up black (I have too many names from my recent CT trip in my head still :). I'm sure someone else will chime in.

    I found the prices at the Egg and I decent, and the food was also decent, standard diner sort of fare. Some people swear by the Maine Diner, though my husband and I found the wait, crowded dining room, and price of the food not worth it with the unremarkable food we got. Not bad, just not a great option compared to, say, The Egg and I. There's a family place on the road across the bridge by the main beach there, I didn't think it was worth it, but the prices weren't bad, and your kids might like it. I don't have kids, so I don't usually need to think about what kids will like. :)

    I'm trying to remember where all we ate on our last trip there (last year) and I'm coming up dry because I think most of the places we ate were more romantic partner stuff, than family oriented. I know there's loads of places, though. I'm sorry I'm not more specific help.

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      "Lobster in the Rough" in York along route 1 may be worth a look for lunch or dinner with your kids if eating outside is desirable (it's not on the water). Picnic tables to eat at and open room for kids to run around. Federal Jack's in K'port is also a great option for lunch; varied menu, parking lot, on the water, and they have delicious beer to boot.

      Mike's Clam Shack along route 1 in Wells is a cheap option for lunch/dinner with many fried seafood options, burgers, etc...I've always enjoyed it there. Nothing fancy at all. If you're in Ogunquit and want to eat on the water, head to Perkin's Cove for your best options. Sure, the restaurants down there can be considered "tourist traps" but they offer kid-friendly service, decent food with always fresh seafood, and they are on the water (Oarweed, Barnacle Billy's). Do not go to Jackie's for numerous reasons...

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        I second Mike's. I love Mike's and I wondered why it doesn't get mentioned more often in Ogunquit threads. Reminds me of Lenny and Joe's.

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          I was up there last year, and the food was great. Service was spotty, with only 2 servers for our party of 60ish. Probably not an issue for a regular sized group. The fried scallops were outstanding.

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          "Do not go to Jackie's for numerous reasons..."

          Can you elaborate? We've had lunch there twice, had the fish fry both times. Found it to be a great value,good service, lots of food and great tasting.

      2. Our grandkids, 6 &8, spend alot of time with us in Ogunquit in the summer and they love Barnicle Billy's. Unfortunately,it is not cheap. The kids especially love the chowder. Steamers and lobsters are great. They also have a decent barbeque chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs. Sit out on the deck overlooking the water.
        A very inexpensive place that is great for families- picnic style tables, inexpensive assortment of all kinds of seafood and lobsters is Fisherman's Catch in Wells.I mean, this is a really great, inexpensive place. I do not know if they are open yet- look online or get the phone #.
        I do not recommend Ogunquit Lobster Pound- although the lobsters are good, the place is overwhe.mingly large, crowded and noisey. and the other food is worse than mediocre.

        1. There are a couple of places I would recommend , The Egg and I for breakfast is good, I personally like Vinny's East Coast Grill, on Rt.1 in Ogunquit , they have a nice menu and its a nice place for kids, ( Also I like in Perkins Cove, A place called Jackie's Too. right on the water, Not very expensive, and the food in good. ( Also farther north on Rt 1 in Wells is a place called Mainiax, which is good for kids. ( Hope this helps you a little. Earle Ct.

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            Everything in Ogunquit is overpriced and overcrowed. If its too busy--we bitch. If the restaurant is empty--we bitch......
            But, I like the Ogunquit Lobster Pound and have been going for 20 years. He has the best lobsters in Maine, large menu, good wait staff, serves liquor, plenty of parking, and good food.
            It will not be busy there until mid to end of June. He also has a kids menu. The Ogunquit Lobster Pound is family owned and knows the restaurant business better the 98 percent of the restaurants in Maine..... Overpaying is normal in Ogunquit..... Don't forget buddy, its a very very short season, and 3-months of business needs to make up for the other 9-months of lousy business. Hope I helped you in making a decision. Good luck with your trip and tell us about your trip when you return.

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              Ogunquit Lobster Pound does -not- have the best lobsters in Maine. The lobster there is fine if a little overcooked. From what I hear the steamers are much the same. The prices for both of these items are what I would call the high end of expected/reasonable. These are also two things that any number of places all along the coast do just as well as OLP. So it becomes a question of the non-lobster/steamer issues for me.

              The atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired, and the non seafood menu items are mediocre (and overpriced for what you get). The dining room is incredibly noisy and the service is haphazard. We were there on the shoulder season, it was still crowded and the waitresses were harried, didn't listen, and didn't really appear to care if I enjoyed my meal or not.

              I'm not saying "don't go there" or anything, just, there are less expensive options, and more comfortable (in my experience and opinion, of course) places to go.

              You can see my review of this place from just under a year ago here:

              We seem to keep having this conversation, irwin. *shrug*

              1. re: irwin

                Uhm. I said they cooked seafood fine. My lobster was a little overdone, but not badly so (or I'd have sent it back and written a bad review of the place last year, neither of which I did). Other people have said that the steamers are done well there, too, so I'm willing to accept that they do a good job on seafood in general, and I've so stated.

                I simply objected to your claim that OLP had the best lobster in Maine. They don't make bad lobster (and FYI, just because someplace has been in business for many decades doesn't mean the food is actually good, still I'm not saying OLP is bad, either), but everything else about the place leaves a lot to be desired.

                To me it doesn't matter if a place can do lobster and steamers, even fried fish, well. If they can't make a decent burger for my husband, and I can't enjoy my meal without feeling hammered by the noise around me, then it's not a good place to me. It's not worth it. ESPECIALLY when the prices aren't all that competitive. OLP is not totally overpriced, it is relatively reasonable for what you get as far as the fish goes, but the added problems of poor non-fish food and the atmosphere make it overpriced in my book.

                You just sitting around saying "this is the best lobster in Maine" doesn't paint an accurate picture of the restaurant, which is what someone coming into the area wants and needs in order to make an informed choice over whether or not to go there.

          2. Barnacle Billy's have two locations next to each other. The shack is cheaper. Both places are first rate with excellent lobsters.

              Merriland Farms Cafe
              Maine Diner
              Harraseeket Lunch or Jameson's Pub in Freeport
              Brown's Ice Cream near Nubble Light in York is a must-stop!
              also Sundaes by the Beach in Wells and Classic Custard near Freeport.